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Two real world cops are sent to a luxurious and sentient virtual reality resort in search of a possible serial killer.



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In the near future, two not-too-bright real world police detectives are sent to a luxurious and sentient virtual reality resort in search of a possible serial killer.

What starts out as a simple and straight forward murder investigation quickly spins out of control when the prime suspect, an 89 year old multi-billionaire rotting away in a hyperbaric chamber in the real world, dies. While his real world physical death is indisputable, it is feared he may have transcended into a non-corporeal, digital immortality which greatly increases the difficulty of bringing him to justice - Now or ever.

This story takes place in two vastly different worlds existing side-by-side. One is a luxurious and sentient virtual reality resort, where for the right prices, a select few residents and guests can be whoever or whatever they want to be - The old can be young, the lame can be fit, the short can be tall, the fat can be thin, and gender can be changed as easily as slipping on a new pair of shoes.

The other place is where most people live. It’s a not-too-shiny and grim reality called "the real world.” In the real world, ordinary people struggle to get by, hate their boss, wish they were somebody else, try to find a little happiness, grow old and die. For those living in the real world, a few hours in V-World would be like a trip to Disneyland on steroids.

In addition to the one hour (40) page Pilot, there is a treatment, casting and two additional completed half-hour episodes; Upload and New Beat. If a series is too ambitious or hard to get off the launch pad, my completed materials can be morphed into a feature length script with the same long term potential as the original Stargate.

Posted below please find the first pages of V-Word, "There Ain't Much Money Can't Fix."

Submitted: September 1, 2020
Last Updated: October 17, 2022

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The Writer: John Hunter

My childhood was spent in the coastal low country of South Georgia. In this semi-rural version of Camelot, the truth was often stretched and embellished as an innocent pastime by people who spoke Ebonics, Geechee and Cracker. So, as you can clearly see, my storytelling is not entirely my fault. I was raised wrong. After graduation from college, I served as a Peace Corps volunteer in Latin America and later worked in construction management, big ticket sales, commercial graphics, and as a packaging design consultant. I now live under the shade of a large oak tree in Central Florida and enjoy telling a wide variety of slightly dark and quirky stories with a dash of humor. My dystopian horror... Go to bio

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