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Robert Remy Options "The Shut-In"

Congratulations to Robert Remy who's optioned his contained horror feature "THE SHUT-IN", a script about a young couple who con their way inside the home of a noted recluse only to become trapped in her struggle to prevent a demonic force from escaping the premises, to Matt Rabidou who discovered it via Script Revolution.

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I’m here for the gritty movies, the rebellious movies, those films that pack a punch far harder than their budgets would suggest.

As a spec script writer, I love to create pulpy thrillers, mostly with female leads, that feature strong themes, hard action, witty dialogue, and twisting scenes that have characters vieing for power or falling for one another.

As a producer and writer-for-hire, I’m production savvy, budget conscious, and market orientated, able to write in a variety...Read more