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Deenur _ 26 Oct 2016 9

One of my favorite authors is Philip K Dick. He never received the accolades he should have been awarded in his lifetime, but his written work is finally getting some traction. Why? Film adaptions.

You have seen his work but probably didn’t know it. The people that know his name know Ridley Scott’s “Blade Runner” and some can even name the novel from which it came, “Do androids dream of electric sheep?” The novel is spectacular, the film equally so. But they are not the same story. While Dick clearly wanted to keep the mystery of Deckard’s humanity shrouded (was he a man chasing android...

Simon Mapp 05 Oct 2016 6

This is not an exhaustive list – the Literary Journals below accept dramatic works in various forms, but many will state that they look at work “in any style” or “hybrid” works, and may also look at scripts in these circumstances.

Some charge reading fees, some do not – some pay for submissions, some do not. I've not marked these as details can change.

Please remember that these are not websites that publish anything sent to them – they are Literary Journals, both print and web based, and are selective. Always read the guidelines – and back issues or extracts if you can, so see if they suit...

CJ Walley 04 Sep 2016 0

This excellent Disqus article was forwarded onto me yesterday. In the article, Script Revolution member Fairly Finfield goes out of their way to detail how to publish scripts to Disqus and lists a few other free listing options screenwriters should check out. This is what I love to see, screenwriters helping out other screenwriters. This leads me on to mention another similar article written by Anthony Cawood in part 3 of his series You've Finished The Damn Script - Now What? And in addition to all that, I'll throw in one of my own from a while back, a little piece I wrote for Stage 32...