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The Script Revolution blog is all about articles that may help screenwriters and filmmakers develop their craft, maximise opportunities, and stay updated on the latest news about the site. This isn't a place where you'll find fear-mongering and browbeating, nor is it a conduit for rule delusions and service advertising. Guest posts are more than welcome and offer a way for members to generate a little more exposure for themselves.

John Hunter 22 Feb 2017 6

On this site, I've tried hard to give writers the tools they need to not only get exposure but also analyise that exposure so writers are able to maximise opportunities where they see them. In this short but powerful blog post by John Hunter, he quickly summerises how that data can be used to establish if our titles, loglines, and synopses are leading to actual script reads. The fact is, none of us want to be falling at the first hurdle given that attention toward our work can be infrequent and fleeting - CJ

Désirée Nordlund 15 Feb 2017 0

Désirée is a member I've come to admire. She's been joining in via the blog comments since I launched the site. When I learned one of her scripts was in production, I was delighted. When she approached me about writing a blog about it, I was even happier. Watching a script go into production is an emotional experience for us. We have to get through post-production and that can have its curve balls. In this blog, Désirée talks about some of those curve balls she faced and how she had to overcome them - CJ

CJ Walley 08 Feb 2017 17

Look, this is going to be brutal, but it needs to be said. If you're looking for harsh truths about screenwriting then look no further. You better have thick skin before walking into this one and I'm talking alligator skin thick here. I'm about to hit you with ten doses of sorely needed self reflection and some in your face reality here. You ready? You sure? Why am I so much better than you? Yes you. I've not just got the balls to ask you that question but I've got a long list of reasons to throw at you too? Think you can get all the way to the bottom? Time to suck it up, buttercup - CJ

Deenur _ 01 Feb 2017 13

It's been a while since Deen Gill providing us with the first of his fantastic insight into adapting novels into screenplays back in Oct, so I'm delighted to announce that the second part is now here. This time round, Deen gives us a lowdown on the good, the bad, and the very ugly. He points out that a good film does not always equal a faithful adaption, and makes a strong argument that fans of Jane Austen and fans of Zombieland do not make the greatest of Venn diagrams - CJ 

J.E. Clarke 25 Jan 2017 1

What's that rumble in the distance getting louder and louder? It's another truth tsunami rising up from the depths of J.E. Clarke's deep dark soul. Let these words wash over you and cleanse your mind. It's time to put our hands down a second, stop asking for permission, stop questioning how to do things, stop begging for acceptance, and start looking deep inside ourselves to find the answer to a fundamental question. A question which should guide us on our screenwriting journey each and everyday with an answer that'll rescue us whenever we become lost - CJ

Tony Cella 18 Jan 2017 0

Roving reporter and sceptical screenwriter, Tony Cella returns this month with a shocking report into a recent study that's revealed the overuse of a certain phrase. What's worse is the term has a proven relationship between its frequency of use and certain set of unlikable demographics by those who use it. It's a pretty damning report that goes all the way from the bottom to the top. Nobody is safe. If you ever feel yourself about to write this sentence it might be worth stopping, thinking, and asking what it actually says about you. - CJ

6String Mercenary 11 Jan 2017 1

A while ago I got into an online slap-fight with the CEO of The Black List, a service that hosts screenplays for a fee, provides a reader critique service, and is a proven resource for Film Industry Professionals to source content. In short I laid into him for taking money and providing critiques that didn’t have a check-list of basic stuff to help writers grow — his claim, over and over, was all art is Subjective and to use any kind of structure to evaluate an art piece didn’t have any justification. I can appreciate Subjectivity in art, especially as a guitarist, because it’s the nuances,...

J.E. Clarke 04 Jan 2017 1

As many of you will already know, I talk (rant) a lot about the desperation we screenwriters often have to fit in and just how dangerous a mentality that is for artists to have - yet one we are constantly browbeaten with by gurus and service providers. In this article, JC lays it it all out as clear as it can be, and she isn't here to sell you consultancy, pitches, or evaluations either; she's sending the elevator back down having gotten meetings, optioning scripts, and finding work. This is the perfect screenwriting blog post to kick off your new year with a bang - CJ

CJ Walley 28 Dec 2016 0

I hope you had a great Christmas. As we race toward the end of the year and face 2017, it's easy for us to start reflecting on what we've done and start planning what we hope to achieve over the next twelve months. However, we may want to stop and take a moment to change our perspective. I care a lot about this community and I want to do what I can to help everyone maximise not only our potentional but also our fulfilment. Let's make 2017 a great writing year for everybody, regardless of where we might might be in our development or careers - CJ

Tony Cella 21 Dec 2016 3

Stop the presses! It's a hot scoop this week on Script Revolution. Tony Cella has been wearing his detective's hat and, after trawling through various screenwriting communities, has made a shocking discovery. One you simply won't be able to comprehend. Okay, well maybe not. Some of you will have worked this out a long time ago. And before any script consultants react to this hard-hitting news, perhaps take a moment to consider if you are taking yourself and what you read on the Internet a little too seriously - CJ

6String Mercenary 14 Dec 2016 3

As someone who writes characters who swear like well... motherfuckers, the thought of not peppering the page with curse words is painful. I'm very much in the same camp as Steven Fry who believes swearing is a beautiful extension of language that can be wielded with wit and intellect. However, only today I learned that Linkin Park had the best selling album of the 20th century because they went against the grain and refused to swear in their lyrics. In his latest blog, 6StringMercenary shares his thoughts, feelings, and influences on the subject - CJ

J.E. Clarke 07 Dec 2016 4

Stop, collaborate, and listen. JC's back with a new submission. Content that grabs a hold of you tightly. Pro level pro prose daily and nightly. Will she ever stop? No, not this flow. Putting the world to rights with another hard blow. Supreme knowledge that belongs on the mantel. Sit down and read to get the collaboration handle. (I'm more of a Cool Kids kinda guy than V.Ice) Either way, JC has some excellent collaboration stories under her belt so this experienced guide she has kindly provided here is an essential read, especially over a funky beat - CJ

6String Mercenary 30 Nov 2016 3

One of the great things about being a screenwriter is keeping your eye open for those oddball stories that, while maybe being a little wacky, are often incredibly life affirming. In this blog from 6String Mercenary (a writer who prefers to keep his identity seperate from his work) he details a story that demanded some digging and turned up a backstory more than fit for the silver screen. I'm sure we've all run into some odd tales out there and it would be great to hear about them in the comments - CJ

CJ Walley 28 Nov 2016 8

It's a little bit of a rant from me today. I've gone through another week of watching hopeful new writers finding themselves shot down by the more jaded members of screenwriting communities. It's the usual spiel too. The claim these bright eyed and bushy tailed amateurs aren't tough enough for the business. I'm so tired of it. The thing is, it's all a distraction and I think we're all falling foul of being in an echo chamber. I say it's high time we break out before we lose our collective minds - CJ

Tony Cella 23 Nov 2016 3

Two words; business & respect. These two words entail a great deal yet can be pinned down by so little. We screenwriters tend to know very little about the former and get very little of the latter. It's partly our own fault, partly the fault of those we deal with, and largely the fault of the hive mind. In this blog, Tony Cella challenges one of the most played out axioms out there, screenwriters are never paid for short scripts. He makes one hell of an argument too, and it's all based on experience - CJ

J.E. Clarke 16 Nov 2016 2

Look, it's time to listen up. If your script is any reflection of the real world, then your character count should be around 50% female. Passing the Bechdel Test isn't enough - it isn't enough by a long shot. In this blog, J.E Clarke doesn't pull any punches, and corroborates many of the points I've raised previously myself. Representation of women in Hollywood is terrible right now and it's not our role to sit back and accept that, it's our calling to be strong and challenge the status quo - CJ

Alan Mehanna 08 Nov 2016 4

We are all too familiar with the paralysis that comes with a blank page waiting for us to adorn it with the finest prose we can muster. There is so much for a screenwriter to consider when constructing a scene, yet time and time again we focus too much of our energy into a paranoia over superficialities. We know all that really matters is story, so what's the answer to beat paralysis by analysis? Here Alan Mahenna makes a strong case for putting aside the fear of failure and accepting that writing badly is a huge step forward toward writing well - CJ

Alan Mehanna 02 Nov 2016 2

Alan Mehanna approached me after the last Script Revolution newsletter, offering to guest blog and giving me a link to the articles on his personal website. What I found was a treasure trove of thought pieces that really resonated with me. This is my favourite so far and puts forward the question that maybe we expect too much sometimes and that expectation turns us cynical. It certainly cause me to stop and thing, and I'm certainly looking forward to more from Alan in the future - CJ

J.E. Clarke 27 Oct 2016 3

With halloween around the corner, J.E. Clarke couldn't have found a better time to haunt us with this harrowing account of just how unfairly maligned horror is within cinema. I think we all have our favourite horror movies (mine are Tremors & Maximum Overdrive BTW), and maybe it's time we, as an industry, gave them the same level of respect we give to the other genres. If JC can't convince you good horror takes enormous talent with her words here you must be dead on the inside.

Deenur _ 26 Oct 2016 9

When Deen Gill approached me asking if I'd be interested in him blogging about what he's learned writing adaptions, I thought sure, a few pointers would be great. But the man has gone above and beyond and kicked off part 1 of his guide to writing adapations with a hell of a detailed start. This is a must read for any screenwriting considering adapting either their own material or that of another author's. Ultimately this part focuses on where we are in terms of our story craft and how adaptions can either help or hinder us depending on which path we take - CJ

Simon Mapp 05 Oct 2016 6

The first ever guest blog here on Script Revolution comes from Simon Mapp, a guy I'm absolutely delighted to have become acquainted with because he is one of those selfless and caring screenwriters prepared to go out of his way to help others. In this list, Simon identifies a whole load of literary journals screenwriters may want to consider submitting to, some charge, some pay, others fall somewhere in between. The fact is we should always consider every avenue open to us and decide if there's an opportunity there that may give us an edge - CJ