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Hard Creek Bridge by Isaac Sweeney
Lonely and shy, Slim Jackson faces off against mother nature in this supernatural, allegorical tale set on a college campus.
Short Fantasy, Sci-Fi For sale 9pp
Cursed by Caitlin Gulley
A young woman discovers she cannot die.
Short Drama For sale 14pp
The Death Dancer by Vincent Kyere Kane
A Voodoo Grandmaster who has lived for over three centuries challenges Death, Thanatos, when he finally comes to collect his soul.
Short Fantasy For sale 15pp
Short Biography, Crime, History, Romance, Sci-Fi For sale 3pp
Sticks and flesh by Paul Barrett
These four guys can handle it pretty good.
Short Horror For sale 12pp
Moon Hill Asylum by william joines
Jill, a troubled teen, faces typical young adult problems until she enters Moon Hill Asylum.
Short Drama For sale 14pp
Witch Hunt by Zack Akers
A group of grieving parents band together to solve the mystery behind a horrific bus accident that claimed the lives of their children.
Feature Horror For sale 77pp
Thugs by J. Richard Singleton
In a small Californian town, a former troublemaker is coerced by a sociopathic teenage girl and his classmates into disposing a body after a "prank" goes awry.
Feature Action, Crime, Drama, Film-Noir, Thriller For sale 140pp
The pack by Cameron Benjamin
A hunting trip goes awry when the rambunctious youths hosting their annual gathering reveal they are hiding a dark secret.
TV Pilot Horror, Thriller Available for Free 90pp
The Jungle by Nicholas Heathcote
Following a traumatic loss, a grieving Marine and his squad fight to survive the jungles of the Vietnam War, only to encounter supernatural--and much more sinister--forces.
Feature Horror For sale 104pp
Precrime by Kevin Gerke
Futuristic Movie one world order is now in place 90 percent of the population have a chip implant one of the features of the micro-chip is reading people intent to commit a crime
TV Pilot Action, Drama, Thriller For sale 17pp
Infierno by Justin Samuels
To regain the love and trust of his family, a recovering prostitute/drug dealer struggles to stay clean in his efforts to restart his acting career.
Feature Drama For sale 98pp
Dates - Episode Two by Joao Nsita
for their second date, Logan and Zoe decide to do the unspeakable of sleeping together, will they still be able to look at each other after the event?
TV Pilot Comedy For sale 11pp
Cavalier Club by Philip Sedgwick
When a gentleman's club owner replaces his dancers with robots, one of the displaced dancers leads a labor rebellion.
Short Drama For sale 16pp
Gates of Hell by Sebastian Anderson
Prehistorical warriors fight an epic battle against unearthly monsters.
Short Fantasy For sale 4pp
Operation Dragonfly by Kevin Gerke
Five outwork men from different backgrounds decide to do the biggest heist in USA history with drones that look like large dragonflies
Short Action, Crime, Drama For sale 17pp
Dougy's Plan by Kevin Gerke
Dougy Blacksheep of powerful mob family who basically is doormat rest of family his sidlings make fun of him grandfather parents likewise Dougy got plan he playing dumb buying time to take over family businesses
Short Crime, Drama, Family For sale 13pp
Bon Appetit by David Ho
A novelist learns a dark secret when he attempts to help his blind-date get rid of the tormented spirit of her jealous ex-boyfriend.
Short Horror, Thriller Available for Free 10pp
The Attic by Nicolas Marchand
Joseph starts his new job in a convenience store where he founds something in the attic during one of his night shift.
Short Drama For sale 12pp
Project Infinity: Episode 101 by Marika Bork
Giant bio-mechanical creatures terrorize the planet and our only hope is a special military project called 'Infinity' before it is Game Over.
TV Pilot Drama, Sci-Fi For sale 48pp
One Way Only by Paul Barrett
It will be a hell of a situation for both of them.
Episode Crime Available for Free 7pp
Toby by Kisakye Hakim
A furious top secret government security agency assassin survives ultimate death, loses his memory to baby life and fall into the hands of his bosses.
TV Pilot Action, Thriller For sale 57pp
Locked-In by Robert Mcbride
While rushing to save her dying son's life, a desperate mother is taken hostage by a troubled teen on the run.
Feature Thriller For sale 86pp
Winter Cover by Christine J. Whitlock
The husband and receptionist meet a cold end to their tryst.
Short Comedy, Crime, Drama, Mystery, Romance For sale 5pp
Gnomed by Tom DeSaverio
As a prank, six friends steal the garden gnome from the old lady next door and find themselves in a life or death struggle with the pint sized pest when he comes to life.
Feature Horror For sale 110pp