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Tormented by her dead father, a child ghost tries desperately to adopt an unwilling couple so she can have the loving family she always dreamed of.

It's old Detroit and a drunken Oscar Bralin is fired from his job at the Maxxess Motors automobile plant. He’s a single dad with a chip on his shoulder and temper to boot. The drive home is no picnic as our drunken Oscar finds himself tangled with another motorist. Oscar, an angry man with a torrid past, acquires a gun from the encounter and makes his way back home. Upon crashing into the bushes and barging in the house, he's met by his precocious ten-year-old daughter, Amber, who has his mac and cheese dinner ready. She recoils when she sees him drunk and notices the gun right away as he makes no effort to hide it. The police have tailed Oscar and arrive at the house, stirring up Oscar's emotions and fueling his anger. With Oscar distracted, Amber reaches for gun but Oscar's grip is sure and tight. The gun fires, Amber goes down. With the house surrounded and Amber down, a fatally emotional Oscar kneels in the front yard, places the gun in his mouth, and pulls the trigger.

Five years later, and Jerry and Ellen Bradshaw move into the Bralin house. Having made three attempts to have children, and relocating to Amber’s neighborhood, they feel this is their best chance at starting a new life. But they are not alone. It's not long after they move in that they encounter the lonely and needy ghost of Amber. Their first instinct is to leave the house, but they soon find out that once you've been “tagged” by a ghost, you take it with you. Moving is not an option.

Amber continues to make her presence known and her need to be loved in numerous ways. It isn't long before Jerry and Ellen become more comfortable with Amber despite their ongoing fear of the unknown and quarrels with each other. They want to help her move on, however, but are unable to as Amber's father, Oscar, torments her and the Bradshaw’s from the other side. It becomes a mission of the Bradshaw’s to eradicate Oscar so that Amber can move on in peace. They soon realize that the only way to do that is to bring in the only person who can deal with Oscar: her junkie mother who is living deep in the bowels of dangerous Detroit.

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“Amber” – Semi-Finalist – LA International Screenplay Comp 2018
“Amber” – Finalist – Breaking Walls Horror/Thriller Screenplay contest. 2017
“Amber” – Semi-finalist – Los Angeles Cinefest, 2017
“Amber” – Semi-Finalist – Boston Intl. Film Festival, 2017
“Amber” – Finalist at the Stage 32 Happy Writers Screenplay Competition, 2016

Submitted: August 31, 2018
Last Updated: August 31, 2018
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The Writer: Gary Piazza

Gary Piazza is an award winning screenwriter, filmmaker and photographer residing in the Pacific Northwest. He began writing and shooting videos in high school back in the 80's and never looked back. After serving in the Navy, Gary enrolled in the Hollywood Scriptwriting Institute by Donna Lee and graduated with honors. It wasn't long before he wrote a sequel to John Carpenter's, "The Thing" and sent it off to ICM where they responded with interest in the script. It was that interest that landed him an agent, Gaily Vollmer with Trans International Productions. Like many projects and successes, however, this one never made it and Trans International closed their doors soon after. It was only... Go to bio

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