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Dig Me No Grave

An aging hunter tangles with a bear and traps himself underneath its body for days before being found on death’s doorstep by a vengeful sociopath who terrorizes him in a remote cabin.



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Seventy-year-old outdoorsman, Scott Parker, is a stubborn bastard and has been hunting his entire life. While his closest friends and family bowed out and retired years before, Scott hung in there and wanted to end his hunting career with one last kill. Having failed for the last four years, and going against his wife’s concerns for his safety, he stubbornly sets out one more time alone in the hopes that he bags an elk so he can retire from it all.
It is not to be…
The forests of the Pacific Northwest are rife with bears, cougars, and other deadly creatures—and an occasional psychopath. Even for the most experienced, like Scott, danger is everywhere. Having finally bagged an elk, a ceremoniously happy moment for this grumpy bastard, he makes his way out of the forest after quartering his kill. It’s not long before he encounters a 900lb grizzly who can smell the carcass pieces he carries with him. Unable to fend off the bear by offering the scraps and making noise, he draws his hunting bow and shoots the bear. Unfazed and angered by this, the bear pounces as Scott pulls his backup 44 magnum and unloads a few rounds. Scott’s struggle with the bear results in a successful dispatch, only to find himself trapped underneath the bear.
With his legs crushed and unable to dig his way out of the situation, he remains under the bear for days. Survival mode kicks in, he uses his tiny knife to remove parts of the bear, but the rough coat and tough flesh make it nearly impossible. Other predators arrive and he struggles to keep them away by any means possible, including using the gun. With his limited food and water options, limited mobility, and pure lack of help, Scott decides to use the gun on himself seven days in to end his suffering. Weakened and unable to even lift the gun, he succumbs to fatigue and delirium, and passes out.
Scott awakens in a cabin and reels from pain in his lower extremities. Lying on a cot, a blanket covers him. As he removes it to get a look at his crushed legs, he’s horrified to see that his legs have been amputated just above the knee. He also encounters the person responsible for the amputation and resident of the cabin, Pat Gunther. Pat, (50’s) is an ex-military medic who carries the pain of losing a loved one as a result of a careless hunter. Having discovered Scott under the bear, it’s not long after that we learn Scott’s best friend, Fred Proctor, was the hunter responsible for taking the life of Pat’s lover many years before.
The hunt for Scott is now on as his best friend, Fred, begins a search of his own for Scott. It’s not easy as Pat has erased all traces of Scott and his camp in the woods. Back at the cabin, Scott deals with the abusive, psychotic behavior of Pat, and his escape plans never really get off the ground. Without the use of this legs, he’s trapped once again, and Pat makes sure that Scott suffers the pain of loss and helplessness in a cat and mouse game that gets more and more deadly with each passing moment.
All roads eventually lead to a standoff at the cabin. With Fred now in the vengeful hands of Pat, Scott and Fred must overcome Pat’s need to settle scores and try to escape in one piece…or pieces.

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Winner Hollywood Blood Horror Festival - January 2021

Winner: 13Horror.com

Gary A. Piazza
Dig Me No Grave
December 30th, 2020
This was one of the rare screenplays which made me forget I was reading it for the purpose of a contest and which just totally sucked me in. Where do I start?! It’s an absolute gem. First of all, your writing is of an extremely impressive standard. You’re very visual and there’s a real sense of voice here too. It’s presented to perfection and clearly represents a lot of natural talent and hard work, neither of which have gone unnoticed. The idea is superb and between Scott and Pat in particular you have created two extremely engrossing characters. The tension you build between their interactions is nothing short of sublime. Your ear for dialogue is exceptional.
I find with scenarios similar to the one you have here that the confines of the situation can often lead to extremely imaginative ways of going beyond them. It works in Misery and Gerald’s Game, and also in All Is Lost with Robert Redford. This is up there with them. Extremely entertaining and what a sucker punch of an ending! I think the thud you reference was my jaw hitting the desk! A pleasure to read. Great stuff.
Judge – AH

Submitted: September 29, 2020
Last Updated: February 8, 2021

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The Writer: Gary Piazza

Gary Piazza is an award winning screenwriter, filmmaker and photographer residing in the Pacific Northwest. He began writing and shooting videos in high school back in the 80's and never looked back. After serving in the Navy, Gary enrolled in the Hollywood Scriptwriting Institute by Donna Lee and graduated with honors. It wasn't long before he wrote a sequel to John Carpenter's, "The Thing" and sent it off to ICM where they responded with interest in the script. It was that interest that landed him an agent, Gaily Vollmer with Trans International Productions. Like many projects and successes, however, this one never made it and Trans International closed their doors soon after. It was only... Go to bio

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