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During an island hopping holiday on a private yacht with friends, one young man’s life is at risk when he is targeted in an elaborate plan by a friend to clear his overdue debts.



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STEVE prepares his villa for his guests as he takes out a folder with a letter, documents and important information
that make him concerned. Meanwhile at the Lanzarote airport, Steve’s friends ANDY, CODY, GILLIAN, JIM and LISA
arrive on the same flight and gather their bags. Andy heads to the washroom where MICKY advises him that he has
seven days to pay him and his boss. Before Andy returns, Cody discusses how he’s nervous about Steve’s well being as
he’s talking about HOLLY again and that they’re drifting apart from him.

Eventually at Steve’s, the gang catches up and Cody tells Steve that she thinks that Andy is seeing someone else and
that’ll upset Gillian as they’re dating, however, Lisa thinks Cody is into Jim. Andy leaves the room to talk to a
secret someone about his troubles with Micky. Gillian anxiously watches Andy on the phone and Steve watches her.
Gillian decides to go home and Steve offers to bring her as everyone else stays. Back at the villa, she admits that
she thinks Andy is cheating on her. Seconds later they’re kissing one another passionately. Meanwhile, back with the
others, Andy reveals that the surprise for Steve is that Holly is coming to surprise him.

After winding up sleeping with Gillian, Steve tells Andy that she knows about him dating someone else. Andy thinks
it was Steve that told her but he promises it wasn’t him. Meanwhile, Lisa’s annoyed at Jim as her and Cody constantly
flirt with each other. Later, while on the Lunasea yacht Gillian chats to Cody about what has happened in their
past. After, Cody is approached by Lisa about Jim and they have it out.

Later, Andy and Steve have it out as Andy admits he did wrong taking the woman they both liked after he promised
that he wouldn’t. They make up as Andy admits he’s wrong. The group decides to play a game. After, Cody suggests
truth or dare. Everyone plays for a bit, however, it gets awkward and Gillian leaves for bed, along with Steve, Jim
and Lisa not far behind, leaving Andy and Cody up to drink all night.

As the group arrives at Corralejo, Andy takes off leaving Gillian annoyed. He arrives to meet HOLLY and they
passionately kiss. He tells her it’s all ready and that he’ll bring her to the yacht. Micky appears and he knows
where they’re going. Later, as everyone gets on board, Steve eventually sees Holly and it leaves him stunned.
Later, Cody approaches Steve and although he’s mad, he has no right to be as he was sleeping with his friend’s
girlfriend and he now gets his girl back. Afterwards, Cody comes clean with Gillian about knowing that they were
sleeping together.

Meanwhile, Holly meets with Andy and she knows what she has to do to get the papers. She tells Andy not to back out on
his side of the deal. Holy heads to Steve’s room and he’s very nervous and heads to the washroom allowing Holly to
find the documents she needed. Steve returns and says he want to take it very slow. Andy approaches Gillian about
her part in the plan. She was supposed to fuck him and not fall for him, but she promises she’s got it all under
control. She then goes to Steve to talk to him about the possibility of their new relationship, as he doesn’t want
to be with Holly after all.

While everyone is asleep, Andy and Steve bump into one another and Andy calls out Steve for sleeping with Gillian.
He eventually beats him up and knocks him out cold. He then throws him overboard to die as the plan is coming to
fruition. Little does he know, Steve is able to save himself and he climbs back on the boat as Cody overhears
Holly and Andy planning the rest of the heist on what they think is a murdered Steve. They discuss what they know and
Steve has a very good idea of what’s wrong.

Eventually Micky and his boss ROCKET arrive to collect their money. Quickly everyone discovers what’s going on
except that Cody has hidden Steve in the boat as he’s awaiting his payback. Rocket wants his money so Holly goes
and grabs the folder and we discover it’s a beneficiary letter for one hundred thousand dollars if Steve dies.
They go and pay off Rocket and he leaves as he’s content with being repaid.

Later, on land, Holly, Gillian and Andy decompress. Holly’s role is over and Gillian is happy to see her go.
However, it all changes when the others arrive, including Steve. A bit of a scuffle happens and just as Steve is
about to fall off a cliff, the tables turn and Andy is pushed over the edge by Steve. The next day as they calm
down, they discover that Holly was arrested by the cops for being a part of it all. As the rest leave, Gillian stays
behind and asks why Steve has forgiven her and it’s obvious that it’s because he’s in love with her - even if she tried
to kill him.

Submitted: December 12, 2021
Last Updated: December 12, 2021

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The Writer: Brian Whiteman

Brian holds an MA in Screenwriting. His screenplays have reached the semi-finals of the Scriptapalooza, Fresh Voices, Diverse Voices and Los Angeles International Screenplay Awards. Brian's goal is to develop further work for his portfolio and acquire a manager/agent. Go to bio

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