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After a troubled rock star falls in love with a single father, she must overcome her ruthless manager and discover her own identity in order to find happiness.



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Skyler, a pop superstar, massively hungover, wakes up in her hotel room by her manager, Erin banging on her door, trying to rush her out away from the prying eyes of the paparazzi. Meanwhile, her biggest fan, Rebecca, is with her father in their kitchen, listening to Skyler on the radio. Her father, Sean, expresses that he doesn’t think that she’s a good role model – he doesn’t like the antics he sees about her in the press. Meanwhile, at the studio, Skyler is trying to sing a more personal song, but Erin doesn’t like it – it’s not “on brand” for her, and won’t put it on the CD. Skyler leverages to at least try it at her show on Friday. Rebecca, later that morning, hears on the radio that she has been selected as the winner of two VIP tickets to Skyler’s show that night. He expresses to his parents, again, that he’s worried about exposing Skyler to this, but his parents encourage him to take her: Rebecca obviously loves her, and she’s smart enough to know that that lifestyle isn’t a good one.

At the concert, Sean and Rebecca have a great time. Erin promises to have them meet Skyler after the show. Skyler sings her new song, and everyone loves it. But backstage, just as Sean and Erin are about to go meet Skyler, Skyler gets into a screaming match with her on-again, off-again boyfriend, Curtis, ultimately throwing things at home. Sean insists on taking his daughter home, away from this scene. Erin, realizing the PR ramifications of this, tells Skyler how unacceptable that was. Skyler is immediately upset, and suggests arranging a follow up meeting at the studio. Erin goes to retrieve Sean and Rebecca the next day, but Sean is understandably hesitant about the whole arrangement, but decides to go anyway. At the studio, Skyler apologizes to Rebecca (who is freaking out upon meeting her idol), and explains that the press usually blows things out of proportion. Skyler is also immediately attracted to Sean, but when she expresses this to Erin, she shoots it down. She reminds Skyler that part of her appeal is that she’s “unattainable”, so she can’t just date a regular guy. But Skyler invites Rebecca to go horseback riding – her own private place, where no one knows that she goes. They start to bond, and Sean is moved by how dedicated Skyler is to her. She also invites them to a taping of the Joe Osburne Show. Whereas Sean was at first concerned about Skyler’s presence in Rebeca’s life, it’s now his parents who have taken on more of a concerned role. The Joe Osbourne show is a huge success, with Sean starting to realize that Skyler is far more responsible than he gave her credit for. Erin, hating this relationship, brings Curtis to the show, but Joe (Skyler’s friend) puts an end to it. Still, at the end of the show, Erin whisks Skyler to a big Hollywood party, and separates her from Sean and Rebecca. The next morning, Sean sees on the news that Skyler went to the party by herself and left early, with reports that Curtis tried to woo her inside, but she was having one of it. Just then, Skyler calls and asks Sean to have dinner that night. Sean and Skyler really hit it off, going on multiple dates. When he decides to tell Rebecca about this change, Skyler is equally excited. Rebecca, upon coming to Skyler’s house and being told the news, is overjoyed. Erin talks to Curtis’ manager, Phil, and they both scheme to get the two back together. As Skyler and Sean prepare to leave the house for an event, the paparazzi has swarmed the house, terrifying Rebecca. Pat and Walt (Sean’s parents) express again that they are worried about Skyler’s presence in Rebecca’s life. After Sean spends the night with Skyler, he returns to his parents house (where Rebecca was staying) to find his estranged wife, Fran. Fran is furious that Sean is so obviously letting Skyler exploit Rebecca. However, Fran’s attempts to bond with Rebecca don’t go well, since it’s somewhat clear to Rebecca that Fran is only in her life again because of her proximity to Skyler. Skyler and Sean have lunch with Pat and Walt. While at first Pat is aggressive and Skyler leaves, crying, Sean coaxes her back inside, and the four actually have a great lunch. When Fran and Rebecca return to the house from their outing, they see that the house is swarmed by paps. Fran takes Rebecca back to her hotel, to safety. Erin convinces Curtis to try to get back together with Skyler, all the while fronting with Skyler that she’s supportive of the new direction that she’s taking her music in. When Skyler heads back to the studio to prepare for her concert that evening, after dropping Sean and his parents off at the house (which is still swarmed by paparazzi), Walt suffers a heart attack from the pressure. Curtis meets Skyler at the show, and offers a beer as a détente – but Curtis has spiked the beer. Sean doesn’t make it to the show because he’s in the hospital with his father, and all the while Skyler gets out of control at her concert, because she’s drugged (and doesn’t realize).

Again, Erin wakes Skyler up in her hotel room, and upon leaving, is accosted by reporters who tell her all the things she (drunkenly) did last night. A reporter tells Skyler that he just heard from Sean – on the record – that they’re done: his father has died and he needs space to grieve. Skyler tries to go to the house, and is met by Fran, who tells Skyler that Walt has passed away. Skyler heads back home, to her estranged parents, and eventually makes peace with them, realizing what she needs to do. She heads back to LA, to sing at an open mic night under her real name, and she gets a standing ovation. She’s secretly arranged to have Pat and Rebecca come, and apologizes to them for everything that’s happened. Rebecca is overjoyed to see her. She asks Pat and Rebecca to get Sean to attend a taping of the Joe Osburne show that Friday – but to watch Wednesday’s taping as well, because Curtis is going to be on.

Curtis, on the show, is tricked into revealing that he drugged Skyler’s drink, and that’s why she was acting out of control. At home, Fran yells at Pat for taking Rebecca to a club – which she found out by reading Rebecca’s diary. Fran is unceremoniously kicked out from the house. Skyler gets Erin to release her from her contract – saying that anything written under the name “Skyler Rawlins” can belong to Erin, she can put out the next album, but then she’ll be done and go by her real name, “Emily Cooper”. Sean ultimately does come to the show, and seeing that Skyler has obviously turned a new leaf, takes her back. The film ends with Sean, Rebecca, and Skyler/Emily heading to her ranch, to be a family together.

Submitted: December 12, 2021
Last Updated: December 12, 2021

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The Writer: Brian Whiteman

Brian holds an MA in Screenwriting. His screenplays have reached the semi-finals of the Scriptapalooza, Fresh Voices, Diverse Voices and Los Angeles International Screenplay Awards. Brian's goal is to develop further work for his portfolio and acquire a manager/agent. Go to bio

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