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A commitment-shy banker risks his relationship when he tries to help an unstable co-worker recover from the death of her parents.



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Day 1: The beginning - we open on our group of friends within their respective establishments. NEIL and TONY at the office, SARAH sneaking out of her parents house, CHRIS leaving his work truck and NATALIE packing up men's clothes into a suitcase. Later, at the bar, all but Chris and Natalie are there discussing death, the possibility of Neil and Wendy
having a family just like their friends Chris and Natalie, however, back at home, Wendy tries to get Neil to open up but he won’t. It escalates but comes to a complete halt when they get a call saying that Natalie has kicked Chris out.

DAY 2: Possibilities - Tony and Wendy meet up and discuss how sad it is about the break up. Wendy can’t believe she was so worried about Neil when something as big as this happened. Tony advises her he has a meeting with the
department directors. Meanwhile, Neil’s at work with LOUISE, MARK, SHARON, and DOUGLAS and he reluctantly agrees to go out on Friday. They’re all shocked he’s coming, but not surprised he’s going to meet up with Louise before. later, Sarah is having a fight with her parents about drifting away from them and her university because of the friends she’s hanging around with.

DAY 3: Revelations - Driving, Wendy and Sarah discuss the possibilities of Sarah moving in and if that will pull Neil
away from her more. Arriving at Natalie’s they try and console her, but she’s not willing to talk about why she broke
up with Chris at that point. Little do they know, she just found out she’s pregnant with another baby. Over at the sports bar, Neil and Tony try to talk to Chris, but once Neil leaves, Tony admits he has feelings for Wendy. Chris tells him to smarten up.

DAY 4: A Warning - Sarah and Chris discuss her moving into Neil and Wendy’s. Eventually, Chris can’t hold it in and
tells Sarah about Tony’s interest in Wendy. All of a sudden they come face to face with Neil’s ex AMY who ruined his life which is obvious why he won’t open up to Wendy. At work, Neil is told to watch out for Louise the man-eater as it’s obvious she’s on a mission, however, Neil thinks otherwise as she simply needs a friend after her parents died and
everything else she’s been through.

DAY 5: The Night Out - Neil, Louise and the crew are at the work event. Sharon apologizes about what she said as it seems as though Louise simply needs support. Afterwards, the team questions Neil about the layoffs as he’s friends with Tony who’s management. However, as the night progresses, Louise starts to flirt with Neil and by the end of the night asks him home. He says no but agrees for a dinner at her place on Sunday. Meanwhile, out with the gang, Chris bumps into Natalie who tells him to keep the friends away from her along with Neil who calls her to try and get her to take him back.

DAY 6: Confrontation - Following morning, Chris and Neil have it out as Chris tells him to stop getting into other peoples lives as he should be watching out for his own because he’ll lose Wendy. Meanwhile, Sarah is still moving in and she tells her parents that it’s probably best for now. Later, Neil talks with Wendy about his behaviour and he promises to change.

DAY 7: A Betrayal - Wendy and Chris try and figure their issues out and come clean about everything going on. They
eventually decide to have dinner but the only person that says yes is Tony. At Louise’s house, Neil finishes dinner and then she kisses him and grabs his crotch - turns out it’s all true what the others were saying. Meanwhile, Tony finally talks to Wendy about his feelings and they come to terms with them remaining friends as they care for each other. When she returns home, Neil still hasn’t shown his face or called.

DAY 8: Reflections - At work Neil is stressed about Louise as he held off but she’s pushing strong on him. Natalie calls Wendy over and they have a big heart to heart where they open up about the pregnancy and then Neil’s absence. Meanwhile, Sarah, Chris and Tony discuss how they got so messed up. Tony still wants Wendy and he also has to lay off people from work and Neil is in the criteria. He needs to choose if he’ll do the right thing or not.

DAY 9: Chances - Sarah’s parents come over and ask her to come home but she can’t. She needs to live her life her way.
Although her parents are hesitant, they mildly understand. However, Chris and Neil come clean about everything and what
they think about each others situations. They tell each other how to fix it but not before Chris tells him about Tony’s
feelings for Wendy.

DAY 10: Decisions - Neil explains that nothing happened but a little kissing and he told Louise he’s not interested.
Meanwhile, Tony struggles with the decision of lay offs as he also heard the rumour about Neil and the girl from work.
However, Wendy finally gathers her courage and tells Neil that she’s not his ex Amy and that he needs to let her in.

DAY 11: A Confession - Chris arrives at Natalie’s with presents for their child and he discovers that she doesn’t
want them to end as a couple. Meanwhile, Wendy talks with Sarah about how Neil needs to make a decision about him moving forward or wallowing in his past as she won’t stand for it any more. But, as everyone is showing up for the Christmas eve, Neil calls to say he’s going out with people from work and Wendy is officially done. Even though he goes out with Louise, it’s to break it off because he loves Wendy. Louise loses it on him but he leaves confident he made the right decision. Back at the house, Sarah tells Wendy about the layoffs at work, which sends Wendy into a frenzy with Tony, whom lets it leak that there’s rumours about another girl. She storms off.

DAY 12: Consequences - In a montage, we see the happiness and sadness throughout all of our characters at the present
moment, however, by the end, everyone has made the right decision. Neil is woken up by Wendy and is told that Tony
made some calls to find out the truth and that she doesn’t want anymore lies and for him to open up. He agrees. Finally, as Chris opens his present from Natalie, he discovers it’s a positive pregnancy test - he’s over the moon.

Submitted: December 12, 2021
Last Updated: December 12, 2021

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The Writer: Brian Whiteman

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