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A guilty husband must protect more than his marriage when faced with his mistress and a dead body at their snowbound lodgings.



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We open in the 1970’s as a young teenage boy brushes his mother’s hair. Things go from creepy to downright inappropriate when he tries to fondle his mother later that night in bed. The mother wakes and is alarmed by her son. She talks about trying to send him away, but before she can finish her thought, he stabs her with a kitchen knife. The boy starts to head after his sister, who’s been startled by the commotion, but his abusive father pummels him before he can do more damage.

In present day, a group of strangers decide to room at the Lagangarbh guesthouse in Scotland during a terrible storm. BILLY and ZOE are celebrating a huge business success. HOLLY and GRANT are trying to sort out their marriage after Grant’s affair. Outside the guesthouse, Grant runs into MEGAN, the woman he had the affair with. Immediately anxious, Grant accuses Megan of playing games but Megan explains she’s visiting their old love nest with her brother, EVAN.

Later, EVAN and LEWIS huddle by the common room fire, whiskey and hand, as Holly and Grant share a tense moment. Meanwhile SHONA (a woman who has been trying to contact Billy) attempts to locate the guesthouse in the middle of the snowstorm. We learn that Evan and Lewis are plotting something as they have the whole guest house rigged with cameras and are tinkering with the Internet. MORAG, the owner of the guesthouse, gets trapped in Glencoe and the guests discover she won’t be returning for the evening. ANGUS, Morag’s husband, cooks a stew for the guests, and Evan, Lewis, Billy, Zoe, Holly, and Grant share an awkward dinner together. The meal ends badly as Holly announces she wants to go to her room to be alone.

Later, Lewis confronts Grant about Megan. Lewis saw Grant kiss Megan earlier on the porch and has drawn the conclusion that the two are hooking up again. Grant accuses Lewis of being in love with Megan and the argument gets physical. Billy interrupts things before they get too out of hand then discovers that someone has purposefully turned off the Internet router. He turns it back on. He then reads an email from Shona telling him an agency has been hired to collect evidence against him. Billy opens an attachment to the email and discovers a picture of Lewis. Lewis and Evan are obviously the “agency” in question.

Meanwhile Evan discovers Lewis is filming ALL the rooms in the guesthouse-not just Billy’s. Evan is very concerned over the revelation. Later Evan, Billy, Zoe, Grant, and Megan congregate downstairs for a drink. Evan realizes Lewis is missing. He immediately suspects Billy but Billy points a finger at Grant revealing that he saw Grant and Lewis arguing earlier.

Evan leads the search for Lewis. He and Billy team up with rope and torches to search the snow while Grant and Megan work together. Zoe keeps Holly company inside. Angus tells the two that it’s hopeless to search for someone at night and that they should wait until Morag returns. His presence is both bewildering and creepy.

Evan and Billy eventually give into the storm, realizing that searching for anyone outside is useless. Before heading back to the main house, Billy discovers Shona’s abandoned car parked outside. He doesn’t reveal to Evan that he knows the identity of the driver of the extra car. The two head in, concerned about this new revelation. Meanwhile Grant and Megan also give into the storm and return to the house. Grant notices a suspicious amount of snow is absent from the hot tub cover and decides to look inside. He finds Lewis’ body in the tub.

Evan immediately considers the site a crime scene and starts throwing accusations at both Billy and Grant. Tensions rise. Billy and Zoe get into an argument over Billy’s wife (who paid Lewis and Evan to film him with Zoe). Billy is convinced she wants him dead but Zoe isn’t so sure. Billy decides to get the garage key from Angus so they have somewhere to store the body until
morning. Evan moves to call the police. Holly notices a look of longing between Megan and Grant and returns to her solitude upstairs. Evan discovers that Holly has been emailing Lewis. He also uncovers footage of the fact that Zoe is helping Billy’s wife in documenting their affair. Turns out Billy has other mistresses. Megan and Grant quarrel over Holly and Grant reveals she tried to kill herself when she found out he had cheated.

Grant goes out looking for Billy who hasn’t returned with the garage key from Angus. He discovers Shona lying on the garage floor freezing to death. He moves her inside by the fire where she reveals she was attacked. Later, Zoe reveals to Megan that
both she and Holly set this weekend up, Zoe to catch Billy for Billy’s wife, and Holly to test Grant’s feelings for Megan. Zoe suddenly sees Shona and recognizes another one of Billy’s mistresses. She heads off into the snow after Billy.

Meanwhile, Holly hears footsteps in the attic. Grant and Evan head up to explore with kitchen knives while Holly and Megan head over to Angus’ house. Grant and Evan discover it’s Billy in the attic while Holly and Megan make a disturbing find of their own at Angus’s regarding pictures. Before we can find out what’s happened, everyone (Zoe, Billy, Holly, Grant, Evan, Megan, and Shona) meet back together and chaos ensues as each character starts revealing what they know about the others. Holly and Grant get into a fight when Grant learns the weekend was a setup. Zoe lets Billy know that she knows about Shona. Meanwhile Shona tries to explain what happened to her, but before she can get to the punch line Morag returns and reveals that Angus is her brother and has come for her.

Angus tries to attack Megan who is the spitting image of Morag and Angus’s mother from the beginning. Instead Angus ends up brushing her hair. Megan sees a chance to escape and makes a run for it straight into Evan’s arms. Angus grabs Holly next and confronts Morag. Morag pleads with Angus to leave the guests alone but Angus is determined to make Holly his hostage. He forces Morag to drive the both of them through the snow while a devastated Grant looks on.

Morag slams on the breaks, surprising Angus and she and Holly jump from the truck. Grant runs after them and helps pull Holly back towards the house. He slips and falls and Holly saves him. Angus pursues in the truck while Morag tries to distract him. Eventually she leads him down a slope, the truck crashes and Angus is thrown and killed.

Everyone regroups back at the lodge. Evan notices something is off with Shona and that she’s lying. Through a flashback we learn that it was Shona, not Angus who killed Lewis (although it was on accident). Shona arrived at the guesthouse to try and stop the plot against Billy, but when she confronted Lewis about it Lewis slipped and fell. Shona then put his body in the hot tub and knocked herself out with a shovel. Grant and Megan finally make amends over Holy and the future looks hopeful for them.

Submitted: December 12, 2021
Last Updated: January 2, 2022

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The Writer: Brian Whiteman

Brian holds an MA in Screenwriting. His screenplays have reached the semi-finals of the Scriptapalooza, Fresh Voices, Diverse Voices and Los Angeles International Screenplay Awards. Brian's goal is to develop further work for his portfolio and acquire a manager/agent. Go to bio

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