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A Scottish bar owner finds her secrets exposed and her family threatened by a violent criminal from her past.



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It’s 2008. Shannon (19) is pretty, and a little cheap. She teases the men at a beach bar in Spain, as jealous lover RAY (43) looks on. Bartender DUKES cautions her this is not a safe game. Ray’s powerful. Connected. Ruthless. Worse, Ray’s sadistic right-hand man GAV doesn’t like the way Shannon has Ray wrapped around her finger. It’s bad for business. And Gav likes the business. Especially when he can hurt people.

Shannon makes a mistake when she flirts with the wrong guy, handsome Scotsman NICK. Suddenly, a real connection is there—an irresistible flame. They sneak away when they can, to a private island they call their AVALON. But Ray keeps sending Gav after them. Gav grows more frustrated, especially when sent to babysit Nick and make sure the guy leaves Spain.

Then Shannon sees an opportunity. She steals all the money from Ray’s safe and gets the hell out of Spain, back to Scotland and her older sister JENNIFER. Gav is livid. Blames Ray for being weak. Grabbing a baseball bat, Gav beats Ray to death. Now Gav’s in charge. He wants Shannon—but Dukes offers him a deal…

PRESENT DAY, Scotland. Shannon’s under the thumb of protective, controlling Jennifer. The two sisters run their own bar, but Jennifer makes the decisions. Shannon’s teen daughter JAMIE is the heart of their lives, even if the teen thinks her mom is Jennifer. Everything changes when Nick walks in. The old feelings are there, even with no contact in almost 15 years. Jennifer’s carefully built control starts to slip. Shannon wants Nick! Jennifer fears losing her sister and her surrogate child. She can’t let that happen.

Back in Spain, Gav makes a fatal mistake by raping and killing a 14-year-old girl marked for human trafficking. His boss sends a few heavies to demand $100K. Or else. Gav knows where to get it. That long-ago deal with Dukes is about to pay off.

Meanwhile Nick realizes Jamie is his daughter and is convinced he and Shannon should be together. Jennifer grows angrier as she feels herself losing control, especially once Shannon starts intervening in parenting decisions. The sudden arrival of Gav threatens the last vestiges of power she has. When Gav kidnaps Jamie, she breaks.

The stakes rise in bloody fights and desperate chases. All Shannon wants is her freedom, with Nick and her daughter. She’s willing to kill Gav to make that happen—and almost does. It’s with his blood on his hands that she faces Jennifer and Jamie. But as a train rushes toward them, will Jennifer be able to let go?

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WeScreenplay - Top 5% coverage

Semi-Finalist - Fresh Voices 2013
Semi-Finalist - Scriptapalooza Screenplay Competition 2015
Quarter-Finalist - PAGE International Screenwriting Awards 2018
Semi-Finalist - Diverse Voices Spring 2018
Quarter-Finalist - Los Angeles International Screenplay Awards Summer 2020
Semi-Finalist - Chicago Screenplay Awards 2021
Quarter-Finalist - SWN Screenplay Competition (Goldman Award) 2021
Quarter-Finalist - Miami Screenplay Awards 2021

Submitted: August 1, 2021
Last Updated: December 19, 2021

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The Writer: Brian Whiteman

Brian holds an MA in Screenwriting. His screenplays have reached the semi-finals of the Scriptapalooza, Fresh Voices, Diverse Voices and Los Angeles International Screenplay Awards. Brian's goal is to develop further work for his portfolio and acquire a manager/agent. Go to bio

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