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Eden's Glitch: All Knowing

The Federal Resolution Force is a terrorist swat team that relies heavily on a futuristic AI computer. But can its omniscience be trusted?



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Will Lexington runs a swat team (Echo Team) for the FRF (Federal Resolution Force). Ray Letts and Dee Fixer are members on his team. Their first mission is to eliminate hostiles that are gun running in a warehouse off the Boston harbor. Their rifles are supported with an AI called the AK Genie (The All-Knowing Genie). The AI knows every move the enemy will make even before the enemy knows it. Lexington and his team are able to sweep the entire warehouse with no casualties. The only near-death is when the AI fails to react when a hostile comes charging through the door. Echo Team is able to eliminate all hostiles. The AI recognizes that one of the hostiles has important information so it auto-fires a tranq dart. This is much to the surprise of Fixer.

The next day, Trey Walters, the spokesperson for the scientists behind AK Genie, explains that the program is getting an upgrade to compensate for more accuracy. This seems like a great idea for the FRF as the AI is keeping the swat force safe. Lexington is not so sure that a smarter AI is such a great idea.

Lexington talks to his commanding chief, Jameson. He shares that he does not trust an AI computer that has control of the battlefield. Jameson tells him to follow the AI and trust it, but to act according to his gut if necessary.

Lexington meets Sheila Almasi, while doing his morning track running in the park. They begin to talk about God's control over life's problems. She invites him to talk more. He asks her out to coffee.

Jameson tells Team Echo that they need to infiltrate a slum apartment to stop Ukranian gun runners. Lexington takes his team to the apartment and busts through the door. The AK Genie guides them effectively. They eliminate two hostiles, but the third one surrenders. Letts is able to cuff him. There is a problem. The AK Genie commands the team to kill the surrendered hostile. Lexington refuses, but Letts' gun automatically fires a taser wire killing the hostile. There was no consent from the officers.

Lexington is miffed that the AI automatically killed a hostile in their custody. He complains to Jameson. Jameson tells him he will have the full report soon.

Lexington has coffee with Almasi. They discuss theology. She can trust God with His plans because He loves her. Lexington asks to meet her again.

The next day Trey Walters and Jameson report that the AK Genie wanted to kill the surrendered hostile because it opened up new information to future strike zones for gun runners. The AK Genie is now running its own operations and enacting them against the better judgment of the team. Trey is delighted. Lexington is horrified.

Jameson warns Lexington that the AI is getting too smart and it acting against the better judgment of the soldiers. He tells Lexington to quit the FRF and get out while he can. Soon the AI will be starting its own wars.

Lexington is called into the briefing room where his team is briefed on hunting a gun runner leader named, The Jackal. He is hiding out in a very posh house in the suburbs. The team investigates. Lexington takes his team and invades the house. It's a trap. Almasi lives in the house. She is terrified that FRF officers need to arrest her. Letts and Fixer apprehend her. The AI tells Lexington that he needs to kill Almasi. Lexington refuses. He smashes his gun computer. The AI tells Fixer to kill Lexington. She complies. Lexington gets shot in the chest. He dies.

Trey Walters is holding a press conference. The AK Genie finally has the power to keep everyone safe. It is the all-knowing computer for our military.

Various news outlets tell us that Lexington's death proves there are terrorists from Pakistan on U.S. soil. The AI manipulates the data and justifies the US going to war with Pakistan. It was the AI's plan all along.

Submitted: January 13, 2020
Last Updated: January 13, 2020

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The Writer: Michael Mordenga

Michael Mordenga is a self published author of the Artists and Earthians series. He writes scripts for science fiction, theological and fantasy. His hope is to create an anthology series that incorporates horror and theology together. Go to bio

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