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Eden's Glitch: The Tongue

What if you could control a politician's tongue? Would you make them a hero or the public enemy?



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Brandon House is a Republican candidate with a garbage mouth. He has never said a politically correct thing in his life. Fortunately, the intern of his campaign, Melissa, found a girl who can control words. Melody has a wonderful gift where she can fill someone's voice with messages from Heaven. Pretty soon, Brandon is speaking eloquent words of moral integrity. People are getting behind his moral upstanding. There is a problem, his actions don't align with his words. He doesn't do anything he says he will. He even uses his information to get a political opponent kicked out. Melissa gets fed up and tries to retract Melody. Brandon's team won't have it and kidnaps her. When Melissa tries to save Melody from her prison, she learns that Melody is working for an evil power. She wants to make Brandon an evil hypocrite.

Submitted: August 21, 2019
Last Updated: August 21, 2019

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The Writer: Michael Mordenga

Michael Mordenga is a self published author of the Artists and Earthians series. He writes scripts for science fiction, theological and fantasy. His hope is to create an anthology series that incorporates horror and theology together. Go to bio

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