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Eden's Glitch: Church and State

When the church becomes a bureaucratic process owned by government then freedom becomes a precious resource.



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Church and State:
Levi Matthew lives in a bureaucratic state that owns the church. Every year he must file his sins with the Sin Census. This year he has been accused of adultery by a realtor named Linda. He must clear his name or face reconciliation camp. The state refuses him religious services (all churches are run like the DMV). Before he can be carted off to camp, an underground church movement contacts him. Laura, Greg, Walter, and Linda are part of an underground church movement that is trying to free the church from the state. Levi realizes that Linda set him up to take the fall so that he would be forced to join the underground church.

Levi agrees to join the underground church believing their struggle for freedom of religion. The underground is not pure of heart as it is revealed that Levi works for the munitions storage for the federal church and thus has access to guns. He gets coerced into helping the underground steal guns all in the name of freedom.

The underground stages a riot sending pastors and priests to their executions. Levi realizes too late that a church on a leash is just as bad as a church without ethical boundaries.

Submitted: December 2, 2021
Last Updated: December 2, 2021

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The Writer: Michael Mordenga

Michael Mordenga is a self published author of the Artists and Earthians series. He writes scripts for science fiction, theological and fantasy. His hope is to create an anthology series that incorporates horror and theology together. Go to bio

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