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FLASHBACKS - The Resurrection

Broken inside like glass, the short and sudden death of Antonio's son continues to overshadow and haunt him. In order to heal, he must resurrect the entity of his son to transform into greatness.



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True life events

The short and sudden death of Antonio's son continues to overshadow and haunt him, a constant memory, broken inside like glass, helpless to a moment of innocence, pained in body by the incident, he struggles to overcome, to heal, as death’s entity delays his focus and progression in the cloak of gloom. In Antonio’s acceptance of his son’s death through magical love, like fire beneath his behind, supernatural forces than propel him forward to his ultimate destiny.

Antonio Lavender, a hypersexual male, newly wed to Lolita Lavender, believes sex to be a spiritual experience, so explores his wife energetically when time permits. Antonio’s wife is his best friend, they share a good relationship, one of openness and depth, supportive of each other gels the relationship deeper than just physical. Eventually Antonio’s wife Lolita becomes pregnant by the intensity of his sex drive and passion. During week 20, their first born son is induced to delivery, the result of unconscious stress. From 6:09a to 6:13a, Gabriel Lavender briefly mirrors his father’s increase and seed. Antonio openly holds, hugs and kisses baby Gabriel, as did Lolita. Born only 4 minutes, baptized, however died. Gabriel had an extra chromosome 18, that misformed him, making his heart grow in an ineffective way. The couple is devastated. Antonio, now in need of emotional therapy, suppressed in spirit of his son’s death entity, drives the couple apart, in Antonio being slow to heal. His inability to recover fast makes his depression worse, resulting in emotional stress and lows to their marriage.

Early, Antonio spots his wife’s shopping addiction, always spending more than they have. triggering heated moments of intensity and rage between them to prevail. Soon financial problems amass, igniting turbulence and stress to mentally stir the situation, unlike before when they could talk like friends.

Following the unexpected death of baby Gabriel, Antonio struggles emotionally to overcome the rare event. Difficult to overcome the trauma, the brief spirit connection between Antonio and his deceased son Gabriel, now causes Antonio great internal pain and depression, signs Antonio needs to open up in order to heal. Haunted by the experience, its engraved memory of nurses handing him his baby, now gone, leaves him stained in helplessness, why he must attend therapy to cope. Antonio’s pain is his baby, the loss of his reality, unable to accept the loss, fashions Antonio and his wife Lolita’s love unlike before, as each reminds the other of the baby, deep painful for Antonio and his wife to endure.

On the rebound, therapy does wonders that relieve Antonio’s spiritual ills, arousing sexual effects to rule his reflections, a burning desire is born for Francesca Lopez, his private therapist. In session, Antonio yearns for more than mental examinations, intensely fervent for action of the flesh, to replace gloom he can no longer bear. Francesca deeply feels his pain, drawn to Antonio’s submission of weakness in hope to prevail his troubles, Lengthy sessions of therapy shortly ignite them in flames, unable to resist love’s inferno of passion, love’s fire eclipses them to unite, violating wedding vows Antonio thought he would never. Mental therapy becomes sexual therapy, which instantly heal Antonio of its heated expression. Francesca soothes areas of Antonio, Lolita has never known. Inside, deeper, Antonio fastens his spirit to Francesca, a fresh alternative to Lolita.

Two years later, Antonio realizes he loves his wife as he loves his best friend, not the love, which grows them apart to never the same, separated in heart. Antonio’s wife then asks him to leave, in him being unable to overcome. Antonio leaves everything material behind, loading his car of his belongings, he then drives to LA. Overcoming his ex is easy, still best friends, however still haunted of his deceased son Gabriel, Antonio continues steady therapy.

Through time, as Antonio conditions his mind, spiritually he resurrects the entity of his son, which becomes his inspiration, to transcend and transform himself to his greatness. The death of baby Gabriel becomes his true blessing, fashioning his best character of person. People admire his courage and strength. What once seemed like a curse, now haunts him to drive precisely at the right times, leading Antonio to his greatest success. As a Filmmaker, Antonio becomes #1 worldwide, the result of his son Gabriel’s death. Eternally inside, Antonio genuinely gives Thanks, so Becomes His true Higher Self, refreshed and transformed, Chosen of destiny and purpose to be Fulfilled …

Submitted: June 26, 2020
Last Updated: June 21, 2022

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The Writer: CC Williams

Deeply I am inspired, so create paintings of art through word expressions of truth and reality. I perfect my craft professionally through technical awareness, refinement and keen mastery. I organize visions of life in word formations, that educate, inspire and enlighten, through creative visuals of communication. I bring to actual life true reflections of human existence and life experiences. I've naturally been a writer for 30+ years. I've personally written over 25+ books-to-date, and have published a few pieces ( poems ), songs and works along the way. Every manuscript, poetry entry and film pitch I have submitted to a ( publisher, director or producer ) have been accepted based on my... Go to bio
Agency: BLAKE & WANG P.A.
Agent: Mrs. Williams
Law Firm: Professional Corporation
Lawyer: Jennifer Klotz
Manager: David Levi

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