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Invisible ... This Force Between Us

Cindy’s past is the shadow of darkness that prevents her marriage to God in spirit. Cindy must release all of her past, into her present, in order to reset her life.



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A small town village girl named Cindy Sweden, struggles day after day as the people of her native land of Africa, a tiny parish blessed with giant hope. Reared in her young days by her grandmother, Cindy ripens traditional in manners, exhibiting timeless principles that dwell into her mind like a lighthouse. As fireworks sparkle, such is her hustle to become her designed truth by all means, whatever the sacrifice to Become.

Opportunity gently arrives, the spiritual door opens, and the chance to migrate is her jubilant decision. Cindy’s way of life abruptly shifts, this immediately accelerates her becoming into a modern, psychologically altered female of purpose and conviction.

Cindy’s past was bright and notable, though her family’s record isn’t so appealing in the least. Loud differences Cindy is, disconnect her from her family, contrary views and values divide them from being close. Cindy holds her head high and accepts her own life path, eager to discover her truth by herself of God. Cindy lives one and is one. She attends to her own business, and lives into her own lane. She lives focused and multiplies her truth through time. Yet, behind the new Cindy exists a past of unpleasant memories she fails to conquer in mind. Cindy thinks it doesn’t bother or eclipse her new world but it does, especially that has to do with guys and dating.

While living with her grandmother, Cindy’s uncle tried hard to sexually exploit her, moreover to scar her innocence. Cindy, a fierce warrior, rose against the deed to protect herself. Her uncle continued to intimidate her, that one day he will achieve his evil purpose in her as his other prey but it never happened, only Cindy escaped his clutch. Today Cindy lives into another reality, different to her haunting past, that strives to keep her captive in mind and not free, utterly subject to her deepest fears and childhood traumas.

When Cindy is single, she is her higher, productive, ambitious self. However, when she dates guys her sense of self feels threatened inside, at risk of unknowns guys can plan against her to her own ignorance and ruin of males. She tries to be and live open when having to deal with them, still fear looms on her like a constant shadow, she lives defenseless with guys, which attract more unfortunate evils to herself than ever she does by her lonesome. Cindy is a fearful character stifled inside by her past, effects not physically achieved, precise evil words with a direct tone of intent have left her paralyzed to unknowns about guys, boys who might exploit her in wrong forms. Cindy dreads being alone, living on her own has its advantages plus downside too, that fashion her guarded and uncomfortable inside herself undisclosed.

A dual existence is Cindy’s mature world by herself and with males. She lives damaged by means of her past, words have her afraid and paranoid of unknowns that don’t commonly happen to average people. A shadow, a yoke of her past obscures her potential, like a spider’s web she is utterly sightless to, ignorant of truths that keep her shady in actions, suspicious of guys, she lives insecure and helpless. Cindy’s halfcrazy mindset is subtly evident, while indecision reveals its confusion through weak people.

Despite Cindy’s broken spirit, pure love sets her free. Only love unlocks her inside, releasing herself from unfair captivity of the mind. Cindy doesn’t have real troubles, it’s just fear, born through vain words that cloud her sense of reason, which prevent her from liberating the past, so that full paradise can eclipse her entire mind and person into supreme glory and bliss.

A few years in, Cindy encounters Richie Manuel, united of pure destiny; they connect in a unique and sincere, unexpected fashion, nothing her normal but an intense surprise. This special person, an entire world by himself. This natural fondness that magnetizes her to him totally reveals her real person, not the pretense she exploits in the world with other people. Richie’s character secures Cindy’s greatest love, deepest passions, plus has Cindy unquestionably mesmerized, as an overeager moth to an irresistible, fiery flame, she can deny nothing when in connection with him. Exclusively Cindy surrenders to love, so becomes absorbed in its seventh heaven.

Real love, nothing she knows or how to keep, yet Cindy’s open to the ride, ultra weak to its power, pure love soaks her mind to reckless head weight her type cannot bear nor manage. Love’s instant connection between them is evident, the impression of their soulmate union is loud oneness, as life can’t be any better than when together head over heels, attracted in soul to mesmerized. Cindy never knew love before, nor did she ever consider the happening for herself.

Through life’s ups and downs, an invisible force between Cindy and Richie prevent their union from absolute unity. Always, an invisible occurrence delays their progression as a couple. Deep love, admiration and loyalty is forever present, yet shadows of evil work through Cindy, which repel Richie from being closer like Cindy craves. She doesn’t understand Richie’s distance, his reason for doing so, considering their desire for each other for many years. Cindy yearns to explore Richie in the most intimate forms her mind can dream, but some invisible force always restricts the vibes from full bliss, leaving Cindy thirsty and displeased, wishing for Richie’s affection she greatly needs in order to balance.

Not making love, frustrates Cindy and unhinges her mind from stability. Richie continues to look for clues that can explain the space they encounter in relations, while evil uses Cindy as puppetry to always distort her truth. Richie notices Cindy and the difference she is to her normal, but effects obvious to the eyes never surface enough to clarify deeper supernatural confusion, often just invisible evidence unseen but sensed.

Unconsciously Cindy is spiritual, so is Richie, though each hasn’t had conscious discussions of this truth, an influential essence guides their lives entire direction, as one and apart. Happenings between them are entirely spiritual, of a divine purpose, nothing of man’s thought or devises. This reality becomes known gradually, as their unlikely bond continues to ripen, intensify, and never expire, despite what life throws their way, their love survives.

Like real marriage, commitment to love means all sacrifice. Cindy and Richie commit inside to love, to each other, through thick and thin they ride love’s light of fire to no end. Richie Manuel ends up being God present in man, as God employs Richie to gain Cindy unto Himself, away from sin and shame, undue mental captivity, and back into His eternal glory. An evil yoke of sin from Cindy’s past is the shadow, presence of darkness, that continues to prevent her marriage to God in spirit, her real destiny. Cindy must release all of her past into her present, in order to advance and ultimately remove all of her fears she lives deceived that don’t bother her, which continue to prevent her true happiness from its designed radiance and depth of glow.

( “What’s your problem with the invisible?” ) ...

Submitted: June 3, 2020
Last Updated: September 24, 2021

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The Writer: CC Williams

Deeply I am inspired, so create paintings of art through word expressions of truth and reality. I perfect my craft professionally through technical awareness, refinement and keen mastery. I organize visions of life in word formations, that educate, inspire and enlighten, through creative visuals of communication. I bring to actual life true reflections of human existence and life experiences. I've naturally been a writer for 30+ years. I've personally written over 25+ books-to-date, and have published a few pieces ( poems ), songs and works along the way. Every manuscript, poetry entry and film pitch I have submitted to a ( publisher, director or producer ) have been accepted based on my... Go to bio
Agency: BLAKE & WANG P.A.
Agent: Mrs. Williams
Law Firm: Professional Corporation
Lawyer: Jennifer Klotz
Manager: David Levi

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