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Curious about herself, interested in her deeper world, Nina explores social adventures, as a means of rescue for her misunderstood desires, emotions and imaginings. Her experiment with open relationships, leads her to consider a surrogate.



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HENRY and NINA meet through work, she's actually one of HENRY's clients. In the beginning, it was straight business between them. Suddenly the Covid-19 pandemic strikes, and NINA needs a place to stay, as full lockdowns are in order. Considering the few business encounters HENRY has with NINA, kindly he offers her space at his condo.

At first, it's like opposites attract, as HENRY is a dedicated lawyer, while NINA is employed, sexually free, yet undecided about a career.

Since casually living together, NINA seems like fun to HENRY's disciplined mind, why eventually they begin dating but aren't married. After several months of world lockdown, NINA loses her job, now having no secure career to support her. Naturally, she begins to feel inadequate, mixed with being confined to home with no social bonding, life gets boring. Now forced to work from home, she considers kinky alternatives for employment.

With HENRY immersed into his work, NINA decides to invest her time differently. Instead she conceives unique solutions for a side job or career suitable to her private interests. She considers being a private online photo model, a female narrative who reads erotic stories to men online, moreover being an intimate part of a couple union for photographers to shoot naughty photos by invite.

Feeling the emotional crunch of the New tightening effects on life, the relationship's stress level soars to new heights. Most ladies wish to have feminine freedom, so HENRY considers alternative options that have to do with NINA, things she is into, different to things he knows, even after two divorces.

Hence they begin going to social adventures, purely as a means of "RESCUE" for their misunderstood desires, emotions and imaginings. In the beginning, freedom and variety of something new; naturally creates mental space to experiment on the endless opportunities available to explore, but in mutual agreement.

HENRY goes along just to test NINA, to see how far she goes in this direction, to more know her true character inside, things obviously unseen. Of course, boundaries are set, however through time people begin to feel differently inside. Open relationships test people, to really see what's inside of each person involved in the relationship, what is liked and not liked by each. Adding in new people, new experiences, brings different feelings to the mind and heart.

Yes, NINA is curious about herself, interested in her deeper world, but oftentimes females test their partner, to know more about them as well. Based on how far the male partner goes, females get to understand things of men unspoken, a different way females use to understand. One creative suggestion of a female, can lead to an entire educational program of mixed sorts, only to be more puzzled in the end than when one started.

After a while, NINA gets jealous of the open relationship arrangement, so considers a surrogate, although she doesn't yet have children of her own. The average cost of surrogacy ranges from $90,000 to $130,000 depending on the individual arrangements.

As a couple, thinking such might reconnect them, reigniting their bond as before, NINA and HENRY decide to pay a surrogate, as HENRY has a male infertility abnormality. Why NINA invested in Henry, has her consider the process, something that just might unite them as before, so they begin the process.

Once the child is born, a New reality sets in. NINA isn't pleased with her initial decision made with HENRY, but keeps it inside. Knowing the child isn't born from her, she feels guilty and inadequate, although HENRY is genuinely happy, being able to fulfill the dream of parenthood and now having someone to leave his inheritance to.

Utterly embarrassed of her actions, NINA disappears from the scene with no sound, leaving behind a stretched out rubber band with no elasticity. She couldn't keep it together, after she started the open relationship concept. And like her mind, she lost it!

Submitted: June 18, 2021
Last Updated: September 12, 2021

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The Writer: CC Williams

Deeply I am inspired, so create paintings of art through word expressions of truth and reality. I perfect my craft professionally through technical awareness, refinement and keen mastery. I organize visions of life in word formations, that educate, inspire and enlighten, through creative visuals of communication. I bring to actual life true reflections of human existence and life experiences. I've naturally been a writer for 30+ years. I've personally written over 25+ books-to-date, and have published a few pieces ( poems ), songs and works along the way. Every manuscript, poetry entry and film pitch I have submitted to a ( publisher, director or producer ) have been accepted based on my... Go to bio
Agency: BLAKE & WANG P.A.
Agent: Mrs. Williams
Law Firm: Professional Corporation
Lawyer: Jennifer Klotz
Manager: David Levi

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