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From Bedside

When a jaded teacher tutors a teenager stricken with cancer, they forge a unique bedside bond forcing him to reevaluate his capabilities while helping the dying student achieve some extraordinary once-in-a-lifetime goals. A true story.



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The book, From Bedside by Fred Goldstein

In 1976, Fred Goldstein (30) is a young English teacher in the Philadelphia suburbs jaded with the system and doubting himself as an educator. The day after declaring to his wife Julie (30) this next year will be his last in a classroom, Fred is asked to take on a home instruction assignment for an ailing student. The student is Steven Estep, a thirteen-year-old, former basketball star, now suffering from a rare form of cancer.

Originally lured only by the prospect of earning some extra cash from the assignment, Fred soon becomes impressed with Steven’s confident attitude and passion for learning. As a final push to get something positive out of teaching, Fred resolves to make this time spent with Steven a special experience for him.

With Steven’s urging, Fred organizes several extraordinary activities for Steven including a call to the Director of the FBI, a celebrity basketball game and a botched attempt to interview Richard Nixon. Through this, Fred becomes closer to Steven than he ever expected.

Challenged by a limb amputation and deteriorating health, Steven begins to lose hope. Though his original reaction is to withdraw from Steven, Fred learns that he can connect with a student on a level he had previously never thought possible.

With Steven’s health failing and Fred’s career at a crossroad, Fred is forced to look at a deeper meaning of friendship and discovers new potential for reaching all his students.

Based on the true story.

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From Bedside finished in the Top 20% at the Nicholl Fellowship in Screenwriting.

From Bedside finished in the TOP 15% at the Austin Film Festival Screenplay Competition

Among the comments from Austin, "This script was almost perfect, the concept is great, the story is great. The characters exhibited change and they were not one dimensional. The dialogue was spot on and well thought out, just a great script overall."

"This script is very unique, the concept is great and perfect for a drama. It’s even more interesting because it’s based on a true story."

Pitch Deck available upon request.

Submitted: April 23, 2021
Last Updated: September 14, 2022

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The Writer: Mark Violi

Mark Violi has written nine feature film screenplays with three feature film script options to producers in New York and Los Angeles and two scripts entering development deals. The comedy feature WIFF has been optioned to both Page Four Productions and Clear Pictures Entertainment. The comedy feature MOBBED UP has been in development with Starline Films. The drama FROM BEDSIDE is currently in development looking for producing partners. Mark is also co-writer of the feature documentary JOHN HART: PORTRAIT OF A PATRIOT which has completed production in New Jersey. Mark was hired to rewrite the comedy feature PET PROJECT for Millennium Films. Additionally, Mark has had two stage dramas... Go to bio

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