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A hard nosed female social worker, with a law degree and ties to political leaders, is able to go above and beyond to catch the "untouchables".

(Pilot) Dorothy West is a social worker who will do anything to help those in need. She isn't above playing dirty to see those to justice. Dorothy also has a hidden past that her new job and town can't quit figure out. She has ties to the political field with a family member, whom she has distanced herself from, currently serving in office. Dorothy will use this to go after those who think they're untouchable or have too much money and power to answer to the same rules. Her assistant provides a comic relief along with Dorothy's witty banter.

She is new in town and immediately goes to work on a trucker and his girlfriend who have managed to fatally kill a young boy. The mother is definitely out of her mind on drugs and the boyfriend is acting shady. Things get heavy and Dorothy takes matters into her own hands to bring the the man to justice.

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The Writer: Raymond (Ray) Scanlon

You can check my stuff out on Imdb. I write in most genres and in any format. I am able to write a feature first draft in a week given the proper motivation. I write upon request, for others idea's as well as consistent with my own personal writing.

Action, Adventure, Comedy and Horror are my strong points, but most who have read my work say anything is my strong point. I even write faith based, childrens shows (PBS), romantic comedies, teen shows, family and more. I have over 20 that are completed. Features, shorts and pilots. I have many more that are halfway done and will be complete upon request for that type of film.

I am easy to work with and understand that what I... Go to bio

Lawyer: Michael Bierman
Manager: Acting - Jason Hough

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