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A young taxi-driver pursued by a corrupt cop involved in the death of her mother, searches for her missing little sister that was abducted by a sex-trafficking ring.



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Lie-Lie is a fast-paced, Safdie brother’s style thriller about sisters RACY, high-school basketball star, and her younger sister LIE-LIE, after their mother, a cop, was shot and killed one year prior. Racy dropped out of school to take care of Lie-Lie, making a living as a taxi driver.

The story begins in their family apartment. Racy makes dinner for Lie-Lie. She looks for Lie-Lie in the apartment and their complex unsuccessfully. Racy gets the word out at their complex that Lie-Lie is missing. Racy goes to pick up LENNY and takes him to the grocery store. After Lenny, she goes to the taxi HQ and talks with two taxi drivers and then to her boss, JEROME who she argues with. Racy learns that Lenny was a cop and knew her mother.

Racy goes and picks up a young escort and takes her to another location.
Racy returns to her complex. Lie-Lie is still gone. Racy learns from a boy, DEMOND, that Lie-Lie left in a cab like Racy’s. Racy goes to see Jerome. Jerome indicates that something is in the toilet. Moments later an intruder kills Jerome. Left unharmed, Racy finds Lenny’s phone, hidden in the toilet.

Racy is unable to access the phone and takes it to CARVER, a dangerous thug. Carver hands the phone off to BALLER, his lieutenant, to access the phone. Baller accesses the phone that can connect the cops to Jerome and a sex-trafficking ring. Racy continues to search for Lie-Lie and is picked up by a corrupt COP. The cop’s supervisor releases Racy.

Racy goes to one of the taxi-driver’s houses and learns that the driver is Jerome’s mother. The girl/escort is at the house. The cop arrives and kills the escort.

The cop takes Racy back to Carver’s to retrieve the phone. Carver tries to kill the cop. Baller shoots Carver and identifies himself as an undercover cop. Carver shoots Baller. Eddies says he can get Racy to Lie-Lie but dies.

Racy goes to Eddie’s and learns where Lie-Lie is and rescues her.

Racy goes to college and has Lie-Lie with her.

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Lie-Lie received a RECOMMEND rating (9.33/10) from The Script Lab (Analyst A10B9) February 2022.

Submitted: March 1, 2022
Last Updated: June 2, 2022

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The Writer: Andy Carpenter

I intend to write compelling screenplays that bares the heart of humanity. In 2018 Andy launched to share his fiction and nonfiction works. In fall of 2019 Andy started the Strong Land Writers Group in Columbus, GA. Andy began hosting a screenwriters group in the fall of 2020. Andy is a member of The Atlanta Writers Club and is the Education Director of The Columbus Writers Guild. A long, hard, look at his high school years (filled with run-ins with the law, a couple visits to juvie, foster care, rehab, etc.) opened the door to a career in substance abuse counseling, county-level child protection, work with Native Americans, suicide prevention and restorative justice work,... Go to bio

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