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When you are a throwaway, significance is relative.



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After a seemingly insignificant plastic toy is manufactured by a young child in Latin America, it begins a journey across the world by tractor trailer, a fast-food restaurant trash can, SUV, a garbage truck, and an ocean-freighter. Each mode of transportation offers glimpses into the lives of its transporters, whether mundane, privileged, or desperate. Finally making its way into the grateful hands of a young orphan trying to survive in the trash-wastelands of Malaysia, these throwaways prove that significance is relative.

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Independent Short Awards 2020 Best Short Script Bronze Award

THROWAWAYS was SELECTED as a WINNER at the Environmental Film and Screenplay Festival! Here’s what they had to say!

"It's a heartbreaking and very effective short film. The writer does a great job at telling a handful of different stories in a short amount of time. We get to see many different ways of life in this piece. It would be great to see this piece made...

It's very powerful.

This piece is very effective.

It's interesting and intelligent.

The characters are heartbreakingly real."

To learn more about this festival, follow this link!

Submitted: December 31, 2020
Last Updated: January 15, 2021

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The Writer: Andy Carpenter

I intend to write compelling screenplays that bares the heart of humanity. In 2018 Andy launched to share his fiction and nonfiction works. In fall of 2019 Andy started the Strong Land Writers Group in Columbus, GA. Andy began hosting a screenwriters group in the fall of 2020. Andy is a member of The Atlanta Writers Club and is the Education Director of The Columbus Writers Guild. A long, hard, look at his high school years (filled with run-ins with the law, a couple visits to juvie, foster care, rehab, etc.) opened the door to a career in substance abuse counseling, county-level child protection, work with Native Americans, suicide prevention and restorative justice work,... Go to bio

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