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An ex-lawman plans to kill himself until a chance to save a mother and her daughter from a sex-trafficking ring give him renewed purpose in life.



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COLTER FIELDS, used to be a sheriff, now he is a suicidal alcoholic spending his final days as a small-town tow-truck driver. He lives alone, because his wife, Pauline, and their daughter, Macey are dead.

Colter’s plans to join them are scuttled when he comes across TAMARA and her daughter, LOTTIE in a wrecked car. While offering assistance, a vehicle veers off the road, clipping Colter. When he regains consciousness in the hospital, his successor and friend, Sheriff KACIE FRANKLIN informs Colter that the only things recovered at the accident site were Colter’s rig and a bottle of whiskey under his seat. Kacie will not contribute any manpower to find two females that are figments of Colter’s alcoholic imagination.

Between binges of drinking, flashbacks showing Colter killing his wife and daughter while driving drunk, and moments of clarity, Colter searches for Tamara and Lottie. Colter’s hunt leads him to COOPER DENT, a human trafficker posing as a realtor. As Colter digs deeper, two worlds collide when his ex-partner, and his A.A. sponsor, Sheriff CLIFF WALL runs interference for one of his deputies who works on the side as muscle for Cooper, and his client, Cincinnati Mayor, D. ANSTEAD.

Rediscovering a sense of purpose, Colter rescues Tamara and Lottie, Tamara exposes Anstead as the mastermind behind a system of trafficking girls through the county children’s services division before she fatally overdoses on heroin.

Learning that Colter has been drinking, a Judge orders Colter to serve a year in prison. Fearful of what might happen to Lottie, Colter breaks up a drug deal, confiscates some heroin, and forces Cooper to overdose.

Anstead pays a visit to Colter in prison, and in the presence of the Warden, threatens to kill Lottie and Kacie to keep Colter from getting in his way of higher political aspirations. Colter instructs Kacie to recover evidence Colter has gathered. Kacie works with the Warden and get Colter released.

Understanding the stakes, Colter knows what is coming. Sheriff Wall and one of his deputies come to kill Colter. Colter outguns them, surviving the night, and his demons.

Submitted: April 9, 2021
Last Updated: April 13, 2021

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The Writer: Andy Carpenter

I intend to write compelling screenplays that bares the heart of humanity. In 2018 Andy launched to share his fiction and nonfiction works. In fall of 2019 Andy started the Strong Land Writers Group in Columbus, GA. Andy began hosting a screenwriters group in the fall of 2020. Andy is a member of The Atlanta Writers Club and is the Education Director of The Columbus Writers Guild. A long, hard, look at his high school years (filled with run-ins with the law, a couple visits to juvie, foster care, rehab, etc.) opened the door to a career in substance abuse counseling, county-level child protection, work with Native Americans, suicide prevention and restorative justice work,... Go to bio

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