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Moretimer - Pilot - Mr. Moretimer's Timely Creations

A homeless orphan helps a forgetful Father Time stop a destructive Mother Nature from wiping out the human race.



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Imagine being a homeless street performer. You have ambitions to grace a much bigger stage as you believe you are meant for something greater. All your family are dead and you have no memory of how or why, nobody cares about your aspirations, hopes or dreams and you sleep, every night, on the cold, hard London cobbles with only your teddy bear and favourite book for company.

Welcome to world of Jack Picklewick. But the times are about to change…

MORETIMER is a serialised fantasy adventure set in 1899 that follows the journey of twelve year old orphan, Jack Picklewick, into the world of old, eccentric clockmaker, MR MORETIMER. Throw HARRY POTTER, THE WITCHER and AMERICAN GODS into a mixing pot, add a dash of THE BFG and you have MORETIMER.

In need of shelter during a terrible storm, JACK PICKLEWICK finds refuge in a strange antique clock emporium owned by MR. MORETIMER. But Mr. Moretimer has a secret: he is actually Father Time, in hiding from a very upset Mother Nature, LADY AUGUSTUS. Augustus searches for the Hands of Time – a pocket watch Moretimer created that can manipulate time – so that she can rewind time and restore the Earth to its unspoilt, natural beauty. Picklewick finds himself dragged into an ancient dispute between time and nature in which he will learn the horrifying truth about his own past and begin a new path towards his true destiny.

Will time prove to be nothing more than a death sentence? Can the extinction of the entire human race be prevented?
Only time will tell as the fate of humanity lies with a homeless orphan boy.

Submitted: April 4, 2020
Last Updated: April 4, 2020

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The Writer: Shaun Needham

Full-time, disgruntled secondary school teacher; optioned screenwriter and semi-professional singer. My parents actively encouraged me to take part in as many different things as possible and take my opportunities. Without their influence, I would not have the creative passions and intuition that I have today. I have always loved stories but, for one reason or another, when it came to university choices I made the (with hindsight, incorrect) decision to pursue a career as a PE teacher and have now spent twelve years working in an inner-city school in Sheffield. Don't get me wrong, I love being able to help kids pursue their dreams and ambitions but, after about six years of it, I had an... Go to bio

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