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Jihadists seeking revenge for a drone attack on an Iraqi general target rollercoasters, turning the source of joy into a symbol of terror. Authorities struggle to stop the bombings and prevent further casualties.



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My Indie Book With The Same Title

Rollercoaster is a thriller/adventure script featuring a flawed, but strong and dedicated female FBI agent, Jeannie Loomis, who believes that the ends justify the means. She and her team, work with the A.T.F. after a rollercoaster at a fictional amusement park in California is bombed. The bomber is aided by two other jihadists, all in retaliation for a drone attack in Iraq, killing an Iraqi general. While trying to identify the suspects and predict the location of their next target, a second amusement park rollercoaster is bombed. With assorted twists and turns, the carnage continues as the hunt goes on.

Submitted: November 7, 2022
Last Updated: May 4, 2023

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The Writer: Gary Rose

I am a retired police detective, hostage negotiator, educator of at-risk incarcerated juveniles and adults, and Indie writer. After success with my second novel, Hitting Rock Bottom, which became an Amazon best seller, I continue with my writing, creating my strong female protagonist, FBI Agent Jeannie Loomis. Jeannie is a flawed but dedicated law enforcement officer who believes the ends justify the means. If you enjoy John Stanford's Lucas Davenport character in his Prey novels, Jeannie is the equivalent. To date, I have completed the tenth novel in the thriller/adventure/action genre with the latest, titled Rollercoaster now published. Due to the success of these novels, I decided to... Go to bio

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