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The Sheriff of an Old West town on the brink of collapse struggles to defend his people from a werewolf that's claimed the territory as its hunting ground while they fight over a land dispute.



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In 1862 land battles are personal and no more so than the squabble between Jed and Henry. A
drunken Henry tries to prove Jed is on his land when his horse is spooked, Henry is thrown and quickly
slashed and bit by claws and fangs.

The next morning as more men come to town, Jed reiterates his power over the local authorities
before we see that his mine is running dry and he has few options left other than to dig into other
people's property to continue his stream of wealth.

Damian, a young black man, comes to town and quickly finds himself at odds with William, a white
bully who has taken to picking on the Native American population in town. Damian is backed up by
Gabriel, the hand-selected sheriff of Jed's, and William backs down.

After searching for the "wolf" that killed Henry, Gabriel comes back to town where a town bully and
friend of William's is killed by what seems to be the same creature. Jed pressures Gabriel to find this
beast and take care of it as per their arrangement.

Gabriel asks for Damian's help in tracking down this creature when they intercept a man looking to kill
Jed. Gabriel quickly discovers that Jed has been encroaching onto other people's property in search
of more material. The arrangement between Jed and Gabriel is pushed even further when Gabriel
must stand between some rightfully angry people and Jed. After he seems to calm everyone down, a
werewolf strikes, revealing itself while killing one of the men opposing Jed. The townsmen hunt for the
werewolf and see that it changes back into a man. Jed immediately accuses the Native Americans of
unleashing their Skinwalker onto him and he tells Gabriel he won't back down.

As Jed continues to push onto other people's land, ordering continued work even though his men are
exhausted, Gabriel and Damian attempt to keep the peace until Gabriel speaks with the Native group,
and men from town approach. During this, William falls ill and along with Elena, the pair of them are
eventually revealed to be the werewolves.

Chaos reigns in this small western town as the men attempt to battle the werewolves. After many
deaths, Elena is injured and captured and she pleads to the vengeance-seeking Natives that they may
take her life if they see fit. They banish her from the town and this area. Rather than leaving, Gabriel
and Damian recruit her to find the other werewolf, William, who is also seeking a way out of town.

The two werewolves find each other once again and Gabriel talks down Elena, looking as though he
might be able to help her when he's attacked and bitten by William. Damian is able to help Elena,
getting her to relax while Gabriel has the plan to blow up the mine, trapping William among the silver.
Jed learns of the plan and is completely against it, not his mine, not the identity that he's crafted.
William and Gabriel fight inside the mine and the dynamite explodes! Gabriel survives, but just barely
and the next morning they find Elena resting under Damian's care.

An infected Gabriel and Elena leave so as to not harm anyone else, by accident or otherwise and
Damian is given the title of Sheriff. Men come looking for Jed but Damian tells them the poor drunken
man blew himself up after his mine went dry. As we conclude, Gabriel and Elena howl in the forest.

Submitted: October 31, 2022
Last Updated: December 4, 2022

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The Writer: Joseph Murillo

Joe Murillo (He/Him) is a Mexican-American screenwriter with a M.F.A. in Screenwriting from CSUN. With a penchant for horror, Joe focuses on new twists on classic monsters, utilizing diverse and under-represented casts to explore the themes in his stories. In 2022, he became an award-winning writer when his feature screenplay, The Colony, earned Best Sci-fi Screenplay at the HorrOrigins Film Festival. More recently, his creature feature screenplay, Cryptids, won the Reno Tahoe Feature Length Screenplay Contest and is currently in pre-production on a Proof of Concept with MadWife Productuons. Go to bio

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