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The Apartment

A couple caught up in the whirlwind of technology check into their sublet only to find they can’t connect.



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After winning a trip to the big city for filling out e-surveys, Paul and Shirley Watanabe arrive at their sublet with their heads buried in their phones, only stopping to take an unprovoked selfie with a homeless man. They are let into the lobby of the building where they search for a “red rock” that promises to provide a way in. They soon find the ancient key when it drops out of an emoji stained red rock in a nearby plant. Inside is mysteriously old-fashioned, nothing like the on-line photos and most importantly none of their devices connect to the internet. After shouting for Alexa and searching for a router, they discover that the TV is fake and try to leave but find themselves diverted back inside by an unknown force. Going through withdrawals, they try to connect on a human level but are distracted once again by the sweet, sickening lure of technology when one of their phones finally gets reception.

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Submitted: September 1, 2017
Last Updated: March 18, 2021

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The Writer: Brandi Self

I create surreal, carefully constructed stories that dissect love, morality, oppression, identity crises, alienation, and stagnation by catapulting characters into sometimes absurdly juxtaposed worlds where they must use self-examination as a tool for escape and redemption. Influences: Rod Serling Charlie Kaufman Franz Kafka Background: I guess it all began with me hanging out of the back of a moving van as I threw raw meat to an angry grizzly bear, hoping the cameraman could get the perfect shot. Yeah, I started in production, reality television to be exact. But, it wasn’t all bad, I got to party with rock stars, shoot guns off with bikini girls in the mountains, and even got to stand in... Go to bio

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