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The lives of a man and his family are threatened by the discovery of a mysterious typewriter with the ability to see into the future... and into the mind of a psychotic killer.

JACK HARRISON is a realtor clearing out the attic of a house for sale when he makes an odd discovery: an antique ROYAL typewriter in excellent condition.

Jack takes the typewriter home and learns from his secretary, CAROL, that an old associate of his, beautiful and sexy ALLISON HARPER, wishes to meet him for lunch.

At home with his wife JESSE and their two young girls, ERIN and BREE, Jack plays the role of doting husband. He makes love to his wife while fantasizing of Allison. Later that night, Jack sits in his home office staring at his new-found prize. The typewriter puts Jack into a trance and when he awakes, he is surprised to find a typed page in the roller.

Jack pulls the paper out and reads: We meet HAROLD JACKSON, a smug, conceited news anchor for Channel Nine News. As Jack reads, we see Harold maneuver his way into Allison’s apartment, where he proceeds to brutally RAPE and MURDER her. Jack is unsettled and not sure what to make of this.

The next day, Jack meets Allison for lunch. He considers telling her about the strange story involving Harold Jackson but thinks better of it.

That night, Jack is drawn again to the typewriter. When he awakes, he discovers the next chapter: Harold is planning to murder his WIFE and STORM the television station armed to the teeth - revenge for getting bumped from his slot on the anchor desk in lieu of a younger, prettier face.

Tired and exhausted, Jack goes to his office at FIRST CHOICE REALTY. He is surprised to find most of the office staff glued to the T.V., watching a news report about a woman who was recently raped and murdered. You guessed it; the murdered woman is none other than Allison Harper.

On Carol’s urging, Jack goes to the police, to tell them about his ‘vision’. He makes the conscious decision to keep the typewriter to himself to avoid sounding crazy. He speaks to DETECTIVE WARNER and RAMIREZ. In his statement, he reveals facts of the case only the murderer would know, and later that night, the police arrive at Jack’s home with an ARREST WARRANT.

During the ensuing interrogation, Jack pleads with the officers to stop Harold from massacring the innocent people at the television station. Luckily for Jack, the police decide to play it safe and they find Harold’s wife suffocated, just as Jack described. Harold is stopped just before he was able to perform his coup de tat and Jack is released from jail.

But once again, Jack is drawn to the mysterious typewriter. When he awakes from his trance, he discovers Harold’s plan to murder Jack and his family. Jack must defeat Harold at his own game, and only the typewriter knows the outcome…

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