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A Bronx Story

A jaded cop quits the force to infiltrate a drug ring to find his brother's murderer.



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GIGI BRUSCO, mid thirties, a made from iron jaded and cold Bronx cop, vows to find the murderer of his younger brother. As clues unravel it becomes probable his murder was drug related involving him selling oxycodone in large volumes he smuggled from work. Gigi's hostility toward the detective and his friend, PAUL YANG, early forties, grows as he fails to find the killer. While snooping on Paul's computer, Gigi finds an FBI case file about a multi state wide heroin ring disguised as a coffee warehouse on the industrial strip his brother was killed. He confronts Paul for not making him aware of this who responds he didn't want to get him worked up, and they can't investigate in there as they'd interfere with the FBI investigation. Weeks pass, Paul deems the investigation a cold case which initiates Gigi to take matters into his own hands. He leaves the force and goes plain clothes, getting a job with the coffee warehouse.

Gigi works deliveries with SEAN, seventeen, who he develops a friendship with, and reacquaints with NADIA ROSEN, a Bronx beat cop he went to police academy with, who he develops a romantic relationship with. Meanwhile he kidnaps leads he suspects to be connected to the murder and questions them in an unscrupulous manner to only take baby steps to finding the killer. To make matters worse, an FBI Agent blackmails him into spying on the warehouse and heroin ring owner KENYN SESAY, late fifties. Feeling the burn, Gigi gets addicted to snorting cocaine, and learns Paul gave his brother the idea to sell drugs. As his addiction worsens, he tries to help Sean diverge from a life of selling drugs to only get backlash, and Kenyn tells him he doesn't know who killed his brother. Gigi kidnaps Paul and beats him in an attempt to learn if he knows anything else, but he doesn't. The FBI and NYPD raid Kenyn's drug ring. Gigi gets better in rehab.

Five years pass. Gigi and Nadia live together with their three year old daughter. While at his factory job, Gigi's coworker tells him about overhearing someone at a party talk about killing someone in the same way Gigi's brother was killed. Gigi trails the killer to find he has a girlfriend and four year old son, appearing to live a normal crime free life. Nadia finds out Gigi found the killer and makes a vow that she'll leave him if he kills him. Gigi breaks into the killer's house and gets to the brink of shooting him but sees a hat on his dresser he gave Sean which belonged to his brother. He asks the killer where he got the hat from and he replies my brother. Gigi doesn't pull the trigger. He leaves the house with the hat and walks toward the horizon as the sun peeks above it.

Submitted: May 18, 2019
Last Updated: May 18, 2019

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The Writer: Frankie Gaddo

Frankie is a screenwriter and filmmaker who to date has written eleven feature length screenplays, mostly comedies. Recently he shot his first feature titled Orangutan. It's been selected for numerous festivals and can be streamed on ChiTV via Roku, Apple TV, and Amazon Fire devices in the U.S. and its available territories. His recent short "Oliver's Bowl" had its world premiere at tiff Bell Lightbox in June 2016 for icff as well as played in other theaters. His shorts have been covered in Hollywood North Magazine and been praised for carrying a high level of cinematic value and narrative storytelling, produced on micro budgets. Frankie is also an avid classic movie fan, dslr camera... Go to bio

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