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A vivacious aspiring social worker brings together five peculiar strangers for an afternoon to help solve their existential problems while she copes with her own.

SIARA, mid 20's, vivacious, sits alone in an abandoned warehouse seated in a circle with five other plastic chairs to host a problem clinic she put together through a social media app called Orangutan. Five strangers enter to accompany her: UNO (late 20's), PAUL (mid 30's), JANET (16), BEATRICE (early 70's) and MEREL (mid 50's). While the group introduces themselves, Paul's wife barges in unexpected and disturbs the clinic by causing a ruckus. She leaves and Paul tells the group he plans to kill her that night. Siara tries to talk him out of it, and the group argues about what he should do. As things get chaotic, Siara, overwhelmed, calls a break.

Janet tells Siara about her social acceptance problems at school after she made out with the most popular girl's boyfriend at a party. Beatrice tells her about problems of loneliness after her cat died, and how her kids don't visit her. Uno opens up about his struggle to find the right woman despite being on an endless search for her through online dating. Beatrice hints that Siara and Uno should get together, but Siara says she's taken. Siara brings the group outside and tries to get them to see the magnificence of the world around them. She pushes Merel to open up as he's the only one to not yet, but he declines reluctant. Merel receives notification that a sure business deal of his worth millions went under at the last minute. He freaks out. Siara tries to comfort him, but their conversation spirals into a heated argument. He criticizes her for being unrealistic, and the discussion gets philosophical about economic issues, if the world's worth helping, and if there's more good than bad in it. Merel's pessimistic view gets under Siara's skin who tries to keep things positive.

Beatrice argues the world's gotten better over time which means it's worth helping, but Merel isn't convinced. He pushes Siara to open up about her struggle to identify with seeing a point in helping the world which is why she doesn't seek full-time social work. Her openness leads to the others to open up too about the route of their problems, including Merel who says he lacks fulfillment which is why he focuses all his effort on work. Their discussion concludes with an optimistic message of the world having hope for a bright future through the people in it playing a positive part. As they exit, Uno tells Siara he's fallen in love with her and knows she feels the same. She denies this, but as he presses her, her stance shifts. The closing image is on Siara with bright light through the open warehouse door shining on her face as she stares at Uno.

Submitted: March 28, 2019
Last Updated: January 31, 2020

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The Writer: Frankie Gaddo

Frankie is a screenwriter and filmmaker who's written eleven feature length screenplays, mostly comedies. His recent short 'Oliver's Bowl' had its world premiere at tiff Bell Lightbox in June 2016 for icff, and played in other theaters. His shorts have been covered in Hollywood North Magazine, and been praised for carrying a high level of cinematic value and narrative storytelling, produced on micro budgets. Frankie is also an avid classic movie fan, dslr camera hobbyist, vegan, has an extensive background in production and lighting and grip, has spent time living in Vancouver, and has two diplomas: marketing, screenwriting. Recently Frankie shot his first feature titled Orangutan.​ Go to bio

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