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After a family of slaves are freed by a guerrilla force of abolitionists. One man exchanges his newfound freedom to join their cause and fight for those who cannot, risking his life in the process.

Abolition is equal parts historical drama, thrilling revenge, and somber tragedy. Eton Greene, a plantation slave and his family are freed by abolitionists, and are given the option to escape to Canada. Instead, Eton makes the impossible decision to send his wife and child north without him, and takes up arms alongside the men who freed him. Together they wage a guerrilla war against the local pro-slavery population, freeing other slaves and murdering their owners.

Eton is introduced to the historic character, John Brown. Inspired by his fiery passion for total emancipation immediately, Eton joins Brown’s plot to overthrow the Virginia State Government and spur a mass slave insurrection. The plan: recruit sympathetic white men and freed slaves to perform an assault on Harper’s Ferry, the largest Armoury in Confederate Virginia.

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The Writer: Connor McAulay

I grew up on Spielberg, Cameron and Lucas; Disney and James Bond, Harry Potter and Lord of The Rings. I was also an avid reader. From the earliest age I was enthralled by high stakes adventures set in far away and fantastical places. In my own work I seek to write and create content that both excites and engages audiences, chocked full of mystery and adventure. On another level I just want to make people laugh. I also grew up on Monty Python, Dave Chapelle, The Simpsons, Clone High, SNL, Kids in the Hall and Trailer Park Boys. The ability to make people laugh is an incredible gift. As I got older, I watched everything I could get my eyes on. From the biggest blockbusters of the summer to... Go to bio

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