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A high school student fed up with bullying takes the law into his own hands, leaving a small town scarred forever.

Mitchell Hughes is entering the eleventh grade at Paulgrave Memorial High School. The sleepy community of New Delson consists of four towns separated by vast swathes of farmland and forest. Paulgrave High is the only high school for several small towns in the county. Not much happens here, the biggest draw the town has is The Paulgrave Memorial Football team, and all of the players are like local stars. Everyone at Paulgrave High has a place, and those not lucky enough to be at the top are constantly reminded of where they stand.

Mitchell has spent his time at Paulgrave High as a fly on the wall; watching the ecosystem from afar, and finding himself more and more isolated from his peers. Mitchell is tired of the God-like status he sees bestowed upon the school’s athletes and more popular students. The hypocrisy and degeneracy of those he sees day in and day out is almost too much to bear. Fueled by an affinity for revenge fantasy films, Mitchell enters the eleventh grade with a mind to right the wrongs he sees at Paulgrave High. As the season progresses, Mitchell walks a fine line, slowly losing himself in his pursuit of justice, constantly justifying his actions which continue to escalate until there is no turning back. Ultimately Mitchell’s goal to rid the school of a toxic bullying culture leads him down a path of darkness.

Alongside Mitchell are his two friends, Tyler Gale and Wes Morrison; who have been there for Mitchell since elementary school, Mitchell’s older sister, Amanda, who in her last year at Paulgrave High, has her sights set on a career in criminology, Mitchell’s parents, Robert and Anne, only want the best for their son, and notice his growing isolation. Officer Richard Smith, the school’s Liaison Officer struggles to keep the Paulgrave High student body on the right track, while barely keeping it together himself. All of the people in Mitchell’s life care for him deeply, and their concern for Mitchell’s well-being increases as the season progresses.

Vigilance explores the corrupting natures of vengeance and power on the vigilante. As Mitchell’s anonymous acts of violence and humiliation escalate, his crusade reaches a point where there can be no turning back. Reminiscent of the classic Korean Revenge film, I Saw The Devil, Vigilance delves into the mental anguish and moral decay wrought not only on the vigilante, but the community in which he works. Vigilance is no revenge fantasy; it is the unfortunate witnessing of one boys revenge fantasy acted out on a small town. Unlike Dexter, there is no happy ending for Mitchell Hughes; no escape from the crimes he commits. Not for he, or the people of New Delson County.

Submitted: November 11, 2018
Last Updated: November 20, 2018

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The Writer: Connor McAulay

I grew up on Spielberg, Cameron and Lucas; Disney and James Bond, Harry Potter and Lord of The Rings. I was also an avid reader. From the earliest age I was enthralled by high stakes adventures set in far away and fantastical places. In my own work I seek to write and create content that both excites and engages audiences, chocked full of mystery and adventure. On another level I just want to make people laugh. I also grew up on Monty Python, Dave Chapelle, The Simpsons, Clone High, SNL, Kids in the Hall and Trailer Park Boys. The ability to make people laugh is an incredible gift. As I got older, I watched everything I could get my eyes on. From the biggest blockbusters of the summer to... Go to bio

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