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When an airline crash leaves a young Marine trapped in an alternate dimension, he is hunted by their government and must find a way to return home or face a life of experimentation.

Slipstream is a thrilling sci-fi action adventure. It is the story of one young man’s desperate attempt to escape a version of reality that is not our own. It is the story of the two government agents whose life’s work depends on capturing Ian alive. It is the story of a family torn apart, and one father’s attempts to make it whole again, whatever the cost. Whether it is fate or coincidence that brings these five people together, Ian’s arrival in their world sets in motion a series of events which will change all of their lives forever.

Ian O’Connor sits in Hamburg International waiting to board a flight home. Waiting for him there is his sister’s funeral, and two parents who feel Ian abandoned the family when they needed him most. Midway through his flight, the plane hits an unexpected and powerful thunderstorm, sending it crashing thirty thousand feet into the sea below. Ian is plucked from the water and transported to hospital, but does not yet know is that he is no longer in the same dimension, and that his arrival here has shown up on the radar of a secret facility tasked with tracking such events. Ian is immediately scooped up by the agency and transported to their facility, where two agents perform experiments on him, certain he is the key to bridging a gap between their two dimensions.

What neither Ian or the agents know, is that the crash appeared on someone else’s radar. Greg Daniels lives with his daughter Skylar on a large farm outside of Cleveland. Greg insists his wife is missing, and has spent every waking hour for the last ten years fiddling with satellites, radios and computers, trying to find her. Skylar, who has been taking care of her father since her mother’s death, has given up trying to convince Greg his wife is dead. When Greg’s pirate radar picks up Ian’s plane crash, and the subsequent government radio chatter, he convinces his daughter to head out in search of Ian, certain he is the key to finding his wife.

When Ian escapes the facility and heads for his home in Canada, it creates a cross borders chase and a race against time, but nothing can prepare Ian for what he finds when he arrives on his doorstep, nor can anything prepare Skylar for what transpires in the bowels of the secret government facility later that night.

Slipstream is a tense, action packed adventure with a sci fi twist. It is The Bourne Identity meets Midnight Special. Complete with car chases, set piece action sequences, and plenty of twists to keep you guessing, Slipstream is sure to keep everyone on the edge of their seat until the very end.

Submitted: November 13, 2018
Last Updated: November 13, 2018

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The Writer: Connor McAulay

I grew up on Spielberg, Cameron and Lucas; Disney and James Bond, Harry Potter and Lord of The Rings. I was also an avid reader. From the earliest age I was enthralled by high stakes adventures set in far away and fantastical places. In my own work I seek to write and create content that both excites and engages audiences, chocked full of mystery and adventure. On another level I just want to make people laugh. I also grew up on Monty Python, Dave Chapelle, The Simpsons, Clone High, SNL, Kids in the Hall and Trailer Park Boys. The ability to make people laugh is an incredible gift. As I got older, I watched everything I could get my eyes on. From the biggest blockbusters of the summer to... Go to bio

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