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When a rebellious young girl's parents are killed trying to rob a bank, she persuades her career criminal grandfather to teach her the tricks of the trade.

Griff and Chelle Hazard are a married couple who rob banks. But when they try to take out the main branch of a major institution in downtown LA, they die in a hail of bullets when a Japanese Yakuza gang interrupts them and makes off with the loot.

Kelsey Hazard loves reading crime novels and dreams of robbing banks. She suspects what her parents do for a living, but has no proof. One day while staying at her grandparents’ Doc and Jo’s ranch, she discovers that they’re retired heisters themselves. She confronts Doc and asks to join ‘the family business.’ Doc refuses. Then they hear on the radio that Griff and Chelle died trying to pull off their final job. Kelsey is horrified, but still determined to follow in their footsteps. Doc insists that Kelsey finish school, but she gets kicked out when she fights back against the school bully.

Meanwhile, hovering in the shadows is undercover robbery-homicide officer Ray Stark, who’s trying to get the goods on Doc and Jo. After meeting Kelsey at the wake, later that night at the local dive bar, he offers to train Kelsey on how to be a heister, but Doc nips it in the bud and makes her get a job at the local convenience store -- but after Kelsey foils an attempted robbery by blowing off the head of the owner’s crystal meth-addicted son with a shotgun, Doc reluctantly agrees to take her under his wing and teach her the tricks of the trade.

After undergoing rigorous physical training and tutoring, Doc brings Kelsey in on an armored car job he’s planning. The job goes off without a hitch until the one of the robbers and his girlfriend try a double cross and get killed – and when Ray tries to steal the money for himself, he, too gets shot. Kelsey, Doc and Jo then go on the lam with the rest of the gang. Enter rogue robbery-homicide undercover officer Flint Cole, who’s hot on Doc and the gang’s trail.

They hide out in an abandoned warehouse in downtown LA that Doc uses as a safe house and plot their next move – robbing the bank that Kelsey’s parents were killed trying rob -- as the cops start closing in on them. Meanwhile, what was a budding romance between Kelsey and wheelman Simon Leeds blooms into a sexually-charged union, and the two decide to hunt down and kill the Yakuza gang leader that killed her parents after he gets let out on bail.

Kelsey, Doc Jo and Simon meet with the remaining members of Griff and Chelle’s gang and start to plot the final job, but when they try and double-cross them and steal Doc’s life savings, Doc traps them at the bottom of the elevator shaft where the cops can get them – and his money.

The next day, Kelsey and her gang pull of the bank job, but get caught in Flint Cole’s deadly web of deceit. Tempted by all the loot and looking for an early retirement, Flint forces Doc to steal his life savings from police headquarters. Kelsey, Doc and Jo manage to outwit Flint, get their money back and escape from the cops in a houseboat in Marina del Rey – where Kelsey learns the truth. That Doc and Jo are her real parents who gave her up for adoption to Griff and Chelle. Now reunited and all secrets revealed, Kelsey does the only thing she can do.

Ask Simon to marry her. So they can start their own life of crime.

Submitted: August 1, 2018
Last Updated: October 18, 2019

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The Writer: Carole Parker

Carole got her start in the entertainment industry acquiring content for several cable networks as a film buyer, eventually leaving her last job as head of programming for The Playboy Channel, and set her sights on being an independent film producer. She soon co-produced CAPPUCCINO, a micro-budget film noir written and directed by Craig Ross, Jr., which won the IFFM Gordon Parks award. It was working on this film that steered Carole back in the direction of her first love, writing. Over the next few years, while working in business affairs at Warner Brothers, Disney, MTV and New Line Cinema, Carole honed her craft while working on a couple dozen films. After being laid off at Jaffe/... Go to bio
Agency: The Library
Agent: Diane Wang

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