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A private detective has to defend her family, her client and her ex-husband against a mafia home invasion on Christmas Eve in Beverly Hills during a freak snowstorm.

It’s Christmas Eve in Los Angeles. BLUE WONDER (19), on vacation from college, enters the ‘amateur night’ contest at the Treasure Island strip club on the seedy outskirts of Santa Monica, where she meets private investigator CARRIE LOVE (30’s) at the bar, who’s having drinks after work and enjoying the flesh parade. Blue reveals to Carrie that she entered the contest to try and find out what happened to her missing older sister, who used to dance there.

When Blue wins the contest, she’s thrilled, and then surprised when TOLLY CHILL (40’s) the club manager invites her to an ‘exclusive holiday party’ in the Hollywood Hills. Blue wants to go, but Carrie is suspicious of Tolly’s intentions and follows her. Sure enough, the party is filled with billionaires and royalty from around the world, and the main event is a barely-disguised escort auction of young Eastern European girls. Blue gets drugged and kidnapped and slapped with an ankle monitor. Carrie rescues her and the two head off to Carrie’s mother’s house in Beverly Hills. On the way, Carrie calls her ex-husband BERNIE KEKO (40’s) a homicide cop to help get the tracking monitor off Blue’s ankle. Bernie, still in love with Carrie, agrees and heads off to meet them.

Meanwhile, we discover that Tolly is actually an organized crime boss, and he and his goons track where Blue is going and also head off to Carrie’s mother’s house.

Then, a Christmas miracle. It stars snowing in Beverly Hills.

MARGO LOVE (60’s), Carrie’s mother and her two sons TAD (30’s) and SETH (20’s) are having their own problems. EVA LOVE (60’s), Margo’s dearly departed husband’s second wife has shown up on the scene to ‘help’ with her late husband’s funeral arrangements, so when Carrie, Blue and Bernie show up, more than shit hits the fan.

Toll and his goons arrive during the blizzard and try to force their way into Margo’s house, but Carrie, Bernie, Margo, Blue, the kids and even the maid band together and overcome the home invasion, and along the way, mend fences between them.

Submitted: November 4, 2019
Last Updated: November 5, 2019

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The Writer: Carole Parker

Carole got her start in the entertainment industry acquiring content for several cable networks as a film buyer, eventually leaving her last job as head of programming for The Playboy Channel, and set her sights on being an independent film producer. She soon co-produced CAPPUCCINO, a micro-budget film noir written and directed by Craig Ross, Jr., which won the IFFM Gordon Parks award. It was working on this film that steered Carole back in the direction of her first love, writing. Over the next few years, while working in business affairs at Warner Brothers, Disney, MTV and New Line Cinema, Carole honed her craft while working on a couple dozen films. After being laid off at Jaffe/... Go to bio
Agency: The Library
Agent: Diane Wang

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