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A B-movie starlet and a lesbian personal trainer are thrust into a torrid affair, but when the starlet convinces her lover to kill her husband, things soon go horribly wrong.

B-movie actress HAVEN CRAYCE (25) and personal trainer JETT TARGO (27) meet at the Marina while walking their dogs. Haven flirts with Jett, and before Jett knows it, she’s on Haven’s houseboat. Sparks fly. Haven kisses her. A bell rings. It’s her husband, old-time movie director DART CRAYCE (80’S), a diabetic, who needs her attention. He’s suspicious about her visitor, but she explains it away. As Jett leaves, Haven asks her to be her trainer. Jett agrees.

Little person NOLA BLISS (30), Haven’s neighbor, another actress, comes over, asking who the visitor was. Haven gives her the brush-off. Back at her place, Jett is confronted by RUSH MADDER (28), her ex from back home in Kansas, who she has to physically remove, as he’s high on crystal meth.

The next morning, Haven has her first training session with Jett on the deck of the boat. They get interrupted by TRIMMER WALTZ (29), the Sheriff’s deputy, who flirts with Haven. After he leaves, the women go inside the boat ‘to get something to drink,’ and end up making love. Haven and Jett soon embark on a torrid affair. Haven reveals that she’s kept a virtual prisoner on the boat, and she asks Jett to kill her husband. Jett demurs. Haven uses sex to try and convince her. Full of lust, Jett finally agrees.

Dart falls in the bathtub in a freak accident, and must go to the hospital for observation. While he’s away, the women come up with a plan. They’re going to render Dart’s insulin pump useless by putting in a dead battery. Simple, but effective.

A chain of events soon snowballs out of control. The night Dart returns, the women enact their plan, and it goes well, until Nola interrupts them. After she threatens to call the police, Haven stabs and kills her. Homicide detective CAL SEELY (50’s) soon enters the scene and starts interviewing everyone involved.

Rush reveals to Jett that he followed her the night of the killing, and now wants a cut of the insurance money. It’s then revealed that the whole thing was a plan between Trimmer and Haven, who have been having an affair, and are setting up Jett. Jett discovers this by eavesdropping, and then enlists Rush to help her kill Trimmer.

But Haven is having second thoughts, as Trimmer is kind of an asshole. She reveals the plan to Jett, says that she now has feelings for her, and asks to please take her back. And kill Trimmer.

Jett shoots Trimmer and takes his body out in his boat with Rush. After Jett dumps the body, she beats up Rush and throws him overboard. Meanwhile, as detective Seely is closing in on them, Haven gets her husband’s money out of the bank, and she and Jett go on the lam. They then hear on the car radio that they are now wanted for the murders.

They hole up in a motor court in Seal Beach, where Haven strips off her clothes and rolls around in the money in front of a blazing fireplace. They make love. Then, hungry, Jett goes to the corner store to get groceries, where she is recognized on a wanted poster. When Jett returns to the cabin, she discovers that Haven is burning the money. Seems that Rush survived, swam to shore, and came to visit, telling Haven that he and Jett were an item, and have been planning to get rid of Haven and take the money.

Jett tries to get the burning money out of the fire. Haven pulls out Jett’s gun and shoots her. Jett slumps to the ground. Tries to talk to Haven. Attempts to grab the gun. They struggle -- and Jett accidentally shoots Haven, killing her. Distraught, Jett tries to shoot herself, but she can’t. The cops arrive and order them to come out and surrender. Jett grabs a gas can, sets the place on fire, and dies in a hail of bullets.

THE DISH is a modern film noir in the tradition of BODY HEAT and BOUND. A tragic love story about two women who try to get away with murder, and pay the ultimate price.

Submitted: October 18, 2019
Last Updated: October 28, 2019

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The Writer: Carole Parker

Carole got her start in the entertainment industry acquiring content for several cable networks as a film buyer, eventually leaving her last job as head of programming for The Playboy Channel, and set her sights on being an independent film producer. She soon co-produced CAPPUCCINO, a micro-budget film noir written and directed by Craig Ross, Jr., which won the IFFM Gordon Parks award. It was working on this film that steered Carole back in the direction of her first love, writing. Over the next few years, while working in business affairs at Warner Brothers, Disney, MTV and New Line Cinema, Carole honed her craft while working on a couple dozen films. After being laid off at Jaffe/... Go to bio
Agency: The Library
Agent: Diane Wang

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