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Only real life and love can help Paul, the bad screenwriter, to write a decent script.

Paul, a substandard talent-less screenwriter. works for a porn company, as he is not good enough to write scripts for tv or films.
His script, The Scarlet Pimp, is being made into a porn film, with Daisy, a porn actress, playing the part of a French aristocrat,
rescued from the guillotine by the Scarlet Pimp, who sets her up to work in a brothel in eighteenth century London, as a porn take
on the Scarlet Pimpernel.

Zoe, Paul's friend, has read one of his serious scripts, The Bullshit Bullfight, which features a matador slipping in the arena on
bull diarrhoea, as a sickly bull is all the bullfighters have left, as they have slaughtered all the healthy ones. Zoe tells Paul
his script is seriously bad.

Paul has a relationship with Daisy, and Zoe urges him to record their romantic encounters on a mini USB stick recorder. Zoe then
encourages Paul to use the recordings to create a romantic comedy drama script. They work together on the script, and Zoe thinks
it is actually good enough for film producers to be interested in it.

Paul asks Daisy to marry him, which she does. He has a crisis of conscience, and tells Zoe he cannot seek to have the script sent
to producers as it would be a betrayal of Daisy. He says he would only seek to get it made if Daisy ever betrays him.

Submitted: April 11, 2020
Last Updated: April 12, 2020

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The Writer: Peter Gartner

I wrote a few screenplays a while back, but now I have a place to submit them. At the moment I am painting in watermixable oils and have a gallery at FineArtAmerica. I am concentrating on art now, but if there is some interest in my screenplays, I could submit more. I start with "The Lightship". I have now posted some more. I want to create original scenarios with surprises for the audience. I do not want my scripts to be predictable. The unusual is always best. A script should be a journey. You don't know the destination, but you will enjoy the journey getting there. I like to explore the psychology of my characters, to give the story more depth. Also, there is now a link to my paintings... Go to bio

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