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The Graveyard On The Moon



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Has Steve discovered ghosts on the Moon, or is it an hallucination caused by low oxygen levels ?

Astronaut Steve is the grave-digger at Moon Base. One day, he digs up a smooth oval stone, which has no explanation,
as it has smooth sides. Steve and friends, Amanda, the pathologist, and fellow astronauts, Janet and Kevin, surmise
the oval stone must been a hoax created years ago by a joker who wanted to plant confusion in people's minds, as it
was deliberately buried there, in the graveyard.

The astronauts interrogate the Air Secretary about the low levels of oxygen in the air on Moon Base, and he admits
the poor air quality is down to doing things on the cheap.

The astronauts are then haunted by ghosts which appear to have risen from their graves, demanding the return of the
oval stone,which they say is needed so their souls can rest in peace. Amanda thinks the ghosts might be an hallucination
caused by low levels of oxygen, causing hypoxia.

The astronauts return the stone, which is sucked back underground, and the ghosts disappear. The astronauts decide to
do a control experiment to test the theory that the ghosts were an hallucination caused by oxygen deprivation. The
experiment persuades them that the ghosts did not exist in reality.

Steve, who is a smoker, forms a relationship with Denise, a nurse, who is also a smoker, and loves his tobacco breath.
Steve develops lung cancer, He tells Denise to quit, or he will come back to haunt her as a ghost.

After he dies, Denise does not quit smoking and Steve's ghost appears to persuade her to quit. This time she does quit.
The others tell her Steve's ghost was an hallucination caused by her smoking, which lowered the oxygen level in her blood,
but she clings to the romantic notion that Steve's ghost returned to save her, by urging her to quit.

Submitted: April 18, 2020
Last Updated: September 18, 2020

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The Writer: Peter Gartner

I wrote a few screenplays a while back, but now I have a place to submit them. At the moment I am painting in watermixable oils and have a gallery at FineArtAmerica. I am concentrating on art now, but if there is some interest in my screenplays, I could submit more. I start with "The Lightship". I have now posted some more. I want to create original scenarios with surprises for the audience. I do not want my scripts to be predictable. The unusual is always best. A script should be a journey. You don't know the destination, but you will enjoy the journey getting there. I like to explore the psychology of my characters, to give the story more depth. Also, there is now a link to my paintings... Go to bio

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