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The kill

An assassin is sent to kill his colleague and former partner.



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A woman enters a dark and deserted apartment through the balcony door. She draws a gun and sits down, waiting. Her mark, the man, is waiting for her in the darkness and turns on the light, confronting her. They know each other and he tells her he is glad a pro was sent to kill him. She cannot pull the trigger and drops the gun. He takes her gun and when she is confronted with a gun she pulls her second gun. Even though they have been lovers they are also both assassins. Aiming at each other they both fire.

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Won GoKinema Script Competition short film contest 2015
“The Kill was the winning script for this year’s GoKinema Script Competition, written by very talented Swedish writer Désirée Nordlund."
It has been filmed three times (only one is publicly available) but the rights still belong to me.

Submitted: July 26, 2020
Last Updated: September 25, 2022

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The Writer: Désirée Nordlund

I've been writing for as long as I can remember and writing screenplays is what I love the most. When I write spec scripts there is often a female lead and very little talk about guys. I like odd, misunderstood characters as well. If I am hired as a writer I dare say I'm easy to work with, and if we disagree I work to find a way that makes us both happy. I can be budget-oriented if needed, and kill darlings if needed too. Award-winning screenwriter with several short scripts produced, one with Dick Pope behind the camera. This is the latest short film on my resume: The Kill / El último golpe I'm also into novels. Here is a book trailer for Quickfinger . Go to bio

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