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The Show To Die For.

When a young wife and mother learns she has less than six months to live, she signs up to commit suicide on a failing TV show, for a sum of much-needed money.



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The Show To Die For.

Pammy was diagnosed with cancer two years ago. She and her husband Frank. have just learned that her cancer has metastasized and she now has less than six months to live.

With Frank losing his job, the drugs required for Pam’s cancer have drained the family’s resources dry. There is a small fund for Will, their son’s college fees, but Pammy is resolute that this cache will NOT be touched.

Dan is a self-centered misogynist, who hosts a failing TV show. One of his guests collapses and dies on screen, and to the glee of the executives, the video grab goes viral. This prompts them to approach Dan with their latest idea…On-air suicide.

They agree to advertise for participants.

Pammy, now desperate for an exit plan to avoid a lingering painful death, sees Dan’s scheme as a way to kill two birds with one stone…Remove herself and provide much-needed cash for her family

Although Frank is initially against this plan, he eventually succumbs and an appointment is made to see Dan and his crew.

At the appointment, all is arranged and Pammy prepares herself for her demise, much to Frank’s and Will’s chagrin.

The day of the suicide arrives, and Pammy is to be interviewed by Dan, prior to her downing a drug which ironically has been prepared by Frank.

Dan enters, and upon discussing things with Pammy, against all odds, he is instantly smitten and begins to compare his own familial situation to hers. He recognizes the juxtaposition, with him wishing to remove himself from his circumstances, while Pammy longs to stay with her beloved family.

Dan then interviews Frank and learns how devastated he is about his wife leaving, again contrasting their relationship compared to his own.

At this time Dan learns that after Pammy’s death, the head of the TV station will present Frank with a giant check, like a tacky game show host. This knowledge drives him to personally call his boss to vigorously remonstrate and eventually, by using threatening behavior, he solicits agreement that a normal check be handed to Frank, and that the amount must be higher than planned by the executives.

The time for Pammy to ‘leave’ arrives. A glass filled with Seconal awaits as Dan tries to persuade Pammy that she may be making a mistake. This Pammy strongly rejects as she becomes emotional.

Dan is emotionally drained as he lowers his head in defeat, knowing that if not for money, this family would have more time together, even be blessed with a miracle.

Suddenly a runner crashes the scene and hands, Dan, a check. He quickly reads it and swings around to Pammy, excited, grinning.

He explains that the check is made out to Pammy personally, and is significantly more than originally agreed.
He further states that the check will pay for her treatment and clear the family’s debt.
Then, turning his attention to the camera he addresses the audience, reminding them that he has indeed promised them that they would witness a death on their screens tonight.

He thanks the head of the station, then confirms there WILL be a death….HIS!

He grabs the glass of Seconal and downs it in one. The crew, at first frozen by Dan’s action, then run to his aid, but to no avail. Dan has faced his final curtain.

Submitted: October 24, 2020
Last Updated: October 24, 2020

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The Writer: Martin Cox

My name is Martin Cox and I am an Englishman, London born and bred but now a proud American citizen, domiciled in fabulous Las Vegas with my beautiful Asian wife Anita. Yes, I am very blessed!. I feel extremely humbled to join the Script Revolution and be in the company of so many talented writers. Since childhood, I have had a love affair with the written word, weaving copious amounts of rhyming tapestries, essays and plays for my fellow students to share and perfom in. This was when I initially experienced the total intoxication of hearing others breath life into my written words. How wondrous the feeling. And I have been fortunate enough to prolong that addiction throughout the years... Go to bio

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