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Ugly Profile.

Terrorists' bombings have caused abject fear in the local community. Four commuting friends meet up on their regular train and are convinced that a bomber is on board. But can they stop the carnage?



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Four friends meet on their regular commuting train, eager to share views on the recent terrorist bombings as reported on local media.

Each of them has a different take on the situation but agree that more security is needed on the train for safety's sake. As the conversation begins to spiral into depression, the female of the group changes the subject and soon the mood has shifted to merriment.

Meanwhile, seconds prior to departure, a young middle eastern man runs into the carriage, dressed in black, sporting a backpack and sweating profusely.

This man's arrival causes a brief cessation of the mirth, as the friends surreptitiously scrutinize the interloper.

It takes the three men no time at all to declare that the newcomer is a stereotypical terrorist and the situation behooves them to remove the clear and present danger speedily, as the next stop will see hundreds of passengers surge aboard in an attempt to gain possession of their regular seat.

The one dissenter, the lady, desperately tries to change the trio's minds but to no avail, as they speedily devise an attack plan, in which each man has a specific and important role to fulfill.

By this time, the young man has become engrossed in a book he retrieved from his backpack, which sits waiting ominously on the seat next to its owner.

The point man of the group is to distract the bomber in order for the other two to tackle him, ensuring that his hands are immobilized, thereby averting the detonation of any explosive in his strategically placed bag, which in turn will prevent death and destruction.

Urged on by his compadres, the point man walks over to his target and calls out to him. Lost in his book, the young man fails to respond. Again the assailant calls out, this time louder, but once more he is ignored. Frustrated, he gives the agreed signal for the attack to begin.

The two other men aggressively launch into their adversary, taking him completely by surprise. While his hands are restrained, the young man is very strong and uses his head as a weapon, drawing blood from both attackers. As the melee ensues, the backpack is bundled onto the floor and an ID card drops out. The point man retrieves it and reads it. He then reads it again. Then screams to his colleagues to stop.....He wasn't being ignored. The young man is deaf.

One of the assailants picks up the book the young man had been reading and he simply looks at the title: 'English For The Deaf'

When he attempts to apologize to the young man as the train pulls into the station, he and his colleague are roughly ushered from the carriage by the point man, who cautions them both NOT to say anything to anyone about this situation. They agree and all three head off in different directions.

As the point man reaches the exit, he ducks behind a wall pulls out his cell phone and dials a number. He then hits the 'send' button. The sound of a loud explosion followed by screams of the dying and the injured.

Our antagonist then dials another number and informs his wife that his mission has been accomplished. After a short conversation, he hangs up and whistles as he strolls away.

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Submitted: June 7, 2020
Last Updated: June 7, 2020

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The Writer: Martin Cox

My name is Martin Cox and I am an Englishman, London born and bred but now a proud American citizen, domiciled in fabulous Las Vegas with my beautiful Asian wife Anita. Yes, I am very blessed!. I feel extremely humbled to join the Script Revolution and be in the company of so many talented writers. Since childhood, I have had a love affair with the written word, weaving copious amounts of rhyming tapestries, essays and plays for my fellow students to share and perfom in. This was when I initially experienced the total intoxication of hearing others breath life into my written words. How wondrous the feeling. And I have been fortunate enough to prolong that addiction throughout the years... Go to bio

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