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Refurbishing a deserted hotel becomes a fight for survival when one workman is possessed by the spirit of a murderer

The owner of a small building company (John Tate) is contracted to refurbish a disused guest house in Wales (Apollyon Hall). His secretary and ex lover, Paula, organizes B&B digs local to the job. The crew stops by to drop off their gear. When the landlady discovers they’re working at Apollyon Hall she turns them away. They decide to stay in the Hall itself. Paula joins them bringing overnight supplies. Apollyon Hall is a large granite pile, isolated and creepy. There is a new garage built about 50 metres from the house.
Odd things happen. When Craig check out bedroom 5 he’s struck with crippling nausea but recovers as soon as he leaves the room. Alec, though, is unaffected. He claims this as his bedroom. Later, an apparition appears in the kitchen. Alec claims not to have seen any of it. John tries to use his mobile but all he hears is a girl in distress. While Paula is taking a shower her clothes are ruined. Alec is accused of playing practical jokes. He goes missing. John looks for him in bedroom 5 but he is also struck down ill as soon as he enters the room.
John decides there must be some sort of hallucinatory gas lingering in the Hall so orders them to sleep in the vans overnight. Alec reappears and reacts aggressively refusing to leave the Hall. The others leave him and spend the night in the van.
The next morning Paula goes to get building materials. Whilst out, she meets a reporter (Mickey) who tells her the Hall was used for teenage orphans in transition to adult life. A number of girls had gone missing from there but the police never investigated, believing they were absconders. Mickey believes their social worker (Maddox) was behind their disappearances but Maddox himself had disappeared. Paula sees Maddox’s photo. It’s the apparition they saw in the Hall.
Alec becomes completely possessed by the spirit of Maddox. He attacks Craig and stabs him, then attacks Paula. He knocks her out and takes her to the garage where he has a secret dungeon underneath it. Inside it’s hell. She sees the tortured corpses of the missing girls and that of Maddox. John tries to rescue Paula but Alec overpowers him, nearly killing him. Paula escapes but Alec catches her. He is about to rape her when Craig, barely alive, manages to kill Alec and save Paula.
Later, the police, ambulances, paramedics etc. are doing the mop up. John tells us the missing parts of story and about their recovery etc. The dead girls had been abducted and used as sex toys by Maddox. When Maddox died through a sex act gone badly wrong the girls couldn’t escape. They had died of starvation in the container. Maddox had been the original owner of the Hall. The contract had a penalty clause that bankrupts John. John marries Paula and starts a new business advising building companies on health and safety.
The end.

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The Writer: David Smith

I'm a pro writer that switched from writing novels to screenplays last year. I've written ten novels and since switching I've written a feature movie script, s set of TV thriller pilots based on my books, a near future sci-fi thriller series, two sitcom series and a sitcom pilot, and developed a TV concept called Peek-A-Boo. This is a sketch based TV programme using an eclectic mix of ghost & horror short stories. My 9Novels only) website is www.davidsmithbooks.co.uk Go to bio

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