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Whistleblower by David Smith
Earth is blighted by kids that kill. It’s Jake Redwood’s job to stop them. He discovers these are just a symptom of something much worse, an alien plot to wipe out mankind

N.B.the page count is per episode.

There are 6 x 1 hour episodes plus a second series of the same length, so too much material to add a meaningful synopsis in this space. This is a brief guide to Episode 1;

Out of nowhere the Earth is blighted with kids that kill violently. They have retracting wolf like teeth and attack a victim's face. They act normal during the day but kill at night. Jake Redwood is an investigator working for Security of Species (SOS), an organisation set up to identify and destroy these abhorations. One night a teenage version is captured alive mid kill. It asks for Jake by name. The kid tells Jake these kids are a symptom of something much more sinister, and tells him to contact Jane, a beautiful statistician working to analyse the attack patterns. He does and together they interview the kid. He tells them that human like aliens are living on Earth, mercenaries, paid to eliminate mankind. They are 'fogging' every town at night with a contraceptive hormone, their plan being to stop mankind breeding any more. However, something has gone wrong, hence the killing kids (Zygs). The kid tells Jake how to better identify the Zygs. Also, this kid knows where all the bad guys are and has their locations on a memory stick. To Jake & Jane's horror they discover the kid can plant visions in their heads, as can all the aliens. Before he can give more details the police station is attacked by same SWAT cops sent to guard the kid. After the shoot out the kid is gone, disappeared from his cell.

Later, Jake and Jane try out what the kid told them and discover the Zygs can be easily spotted under certain light. They set up a test unit at an airport and identify a Zyg. It nearly kills them when it's discovered but they survive and destroy it. Later that night Jake and Jane are having dinner. The kid materialises in their room. He'd been there all along but had planted visions in their heads so he wasn't visible. The doorbell rings. A couple are there looking for their son, the kid. They take the kid away as if normal but they kill the kid. They are aliens and have planted visions so they seem like a normal family walking away. Jane & Jake return to their meal. There they find the kid had left the USB stick with the data about the aliens on it. The doorbell goes again. It's the couple back. They want to retrieve the USB stick. The man attacks Jake and nearly kills him but is saved by Jane. She attacks the man just like a Zyg, with retractable wolf like teeth. She is an alien and has been planting visions in Jake's head. The kid never existed. It was created by Jane to protect herself when she blew the whistle on what was happening on Earth. She is now an outcast, being hunted by the aliens, and needs Jake's protection. She now starts to tell him about the real danger Earth is in. This starts their helter-skelter ride to escape the alien hit squad and save mankind.

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The Writer: David Smith

I'm a pro writer that switched from writing novels to screenplays last year. I've written ten novels and since switching I've written a feature movie script, s set of TV thriller pilots based on my books, a near future sci-fi thriller series, two sitcom series and a sitcom pilot, and developed a TV concept called Peek-A-Boo. This is a sketch based TV programme using an eclectic mix of ghost & horror short stories. My 9Novels only) website is www.davidsmithbooks.co.uk... Go to bio

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