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A soldier finds herself marooned on an island, defending a mysterious orb from an ever increasing number of faceless demons, but what she's fighting for is far more precious than she realizes.

Atoll's Edge is the tale of a glorious battle fought on a distant land. A Korean soldier finds herself washed ashore on a strange island bathed in the warmth of two rising suns. Around her neck is a set of dog tags with the Korean symbol for the name Yuna.

She explores the island and encounters a pulsating orb inside a large building at the center of a mysterious, abandoned village. An encounter with a faceless demon that is drawn towards the orb ends in a fight, one in which she is victorious.

As time goes by, an increasing number of demons arrive at the village to do battle with the sole defender.

The weeks and months take their toll. The soldier's supplies dwindle, while her injuries grow. Nine months after she arrived on the Island, she is surrounded by demons. Completely exhausted, she tries valiantly to rise to her feet but there's nothing left. She is defeated.

The orb suddenly pulsates, sending out a wave of energy which paralyses the demons. From out of the light steps a young girl who helps the soldier to her feet. They embrace and the girl tells the soldier the battle is over and she can go now. The solder steps into the light and vanishes. The girl thanks her mother for her sacrifice

The perspective shifts. We see this 'soldier' dead in a hospital bed with a newborn baby in her arms.

The battle she has been fighting has been an internal struggle against a terminal illness. At her side is an old lady, her mother. She tells a nurse how proud she is of her daughter for fighting against such a terrible adversary for so long, just long enough to bring her grand daughter into this world. The nurse is staggered by the woman's strength and resolve, she asks if the baby has a name, to which the grandmother replies yes, it is Yuna - a name which her daughter decided upon the very first day she found out she was pregnant.

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The Writer: Mark Renshaw

Mark has been escaping into his own personal version of reality he calls his Mindverse since he was a youngling. Sometimes these adventures escape into our dimension in the form of scripts and stories. At other times they just drool out of his mouth. Despite the drool, his scripts and short stories have won several awards. His sci-fi 'Nearscape' TV pilot script 'The Survivors' reached the semi-finals of the Page Awards and the 2nd round of the Austin Film Festival. He reached the top 4% of the BBC's Open Drama submission and has been added to their list of promising writers. He is also the innagural winner of the Inroads Screenwriting Competition for his short script 'Cyborn'. Mark has had... Go to bio

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