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The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde
A kidnapped women must unleash a dark, deranged personality she has kept locked, deep inside her mind since childhood, if she is to stand any chance of surviving.

Loosely based on The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, Seek explores the idea of someone using a multiple-personality disorder to escape from a horrific situation.

A nurse is kidnapped by a sexual predator, locked up in a room and repeatedly raped. She needs to unleash a rather dark and dangerous personality which first emerged when she was a child playing Hide and Seek. However, she's spent years in therapy learning to control the 'Hide' personality and he's locked inside her mind. Seek shows the internal mental struggle of the trapped personality as it wakes up and attempts to break though.

Once it does, it's revenge time!

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Mark has been escaping into his own personal version of reality he calls his Mindverse since he was a youngling. Sometimes these adventures escape into our dimension in the form of scripts and stories. At other times they just drool out of his mouth. Despite the drool, his scripts and short stories have reached semi-finals and finals of several film festivals and competitions, he even won a Top Pick award in the Reel Writers Competition last year. So far this year his script 'The Enchanted Quill' was a finalist in's film and screenplay contest. Not content with writing, sometimes he pops on a producer's hat and breathes cinematic life into his... Go to bio

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