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Is it real or in my head?

When George Wilson, a studious and extremely neat college student becomes Dorm mates with Sam Johnson, a Texas farm boy everything that they thought was make believe, becomes painfully real!

Submitted: September 10, 2019
Last Updated: January 5, 2020
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The Writer: Janet Lynn Carey

If you like any of Janet's scripts, Please click L ike . If you do not like something, please let her know why. She values the opinions of her peers and respects constructive criticism. Janet Lynn Carey (Shaw) was born in NewFoundland, Canada. Her father was in the US Air Force. She has worked in Movies, Television, Commercials and a Music video. She has worked behind the scenes as a Assistant Director with Lee Gartrell on Star Trek: The Romulan Wars and as a Directors Assistant on Getaway. She has worked as a Production Assistant on many productions and worked as a stand in for Camryn Manheim , Chris McGinn, Illeana Douglas and many others. She also played Dr. Jewel Cohen on Star Trek: The... Go to bio
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Manager: Chuck Meré

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