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A brother and sister are transported into the magical, perilous world of their Christmas tree, and must reach the top where the Star Angel can restore them to normal size.

Featuring a journey of self-discovery, similar in feel to "The Polar Express," and magical vintage characters as in "Toy Story," "Jimmy and the Star Angel" is a musical family-friendly adventure.

Facing their first Christmas after the death of their father, a frustrated SAMANTHA, 12, tries in vain to stop her younger brother JIMMY, 10, from smashing the ornaments and ruining their Christmas memories. But on Christmas Eve, Jimmy breaks the wrong bulb and the magical sparkles from within engulf them both in a furious whirlwind.

When they come to, both find themselves shrunk down to tiny ornament size at the base of their Christmas tree. The ornaments hanging overhead, having magically come to life, help the children on a perilous journey to the top of the tree where only the mystical Star Angel can restore them to normal size.

Meanwhile on "Empty Side," the evil pirate-head ornament, SCRIMSHAW, with his army of ugly and damaged ornaments, plots to stop them. On the way up, Jimmy’s sadness gives way to courage, as the ornaments reveal their stories of love and family. But when Samantha is captured, it’s a race against time for Jimmy to rescue her before sunrise—or else be permanently transformed into ornaments forever.

As Scrimshaw makes his final horrific attack, walking on eight spider-like tinsel legs, Jimmy grabs a pine needle for a sword and leaps onto his enemy. They battle, but Scrimshaw topples off the branch bringing Jimmy with him! At the last moment, the SECRET AGENT ANACONDA ornament swoops down and scoops Jimmy up as Scrimshaw smashes into tiny bits on the floor below.

Reaching the top at last, our friends are greeted by the beautiful STAR ANGEL, magical protector of the tree. But who will be her “Star Angel” when all the ornaments are packed away for the rest of the year? Connected at last to the memories of the past, Jimmy resolves to be a faithful custodian of the precious ornaments: “Hey Dad, I’m hoping…to do what’s right and make you smile…make you proud of me!”

With that, the children are transformed back to their normal size in a blizzard of sparkles, and find themselves under the tree in the beautiful sunlight of Christmas morning.

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COVERAGE: Screenplay & Writer: RECOMMEND (Screenplay Gurus 10-28-18)):"There is not enough praise to heap on this script. The Reader was transfixed and fully engaged in a journey fraught with obstacles and great stakes to the top of the Christmas tree set to well integrated musical set pieces that raise the story to greater heights of enjoyment." - ML, Screenplay Gurus 8/15/18
Two 8/10 on Blacklist.
Winner BEST SCREENPLAY FEATURE Hollywood International Moving Pictures Film Festival June 2018
FIRST JUMP FESTIVAL - Semi Finalist 2018
LONELY SEAL FILM FESTIVAL - Official Selection 2019
Winner BEST SCREENPLAY Crown Wood International Film Festival

Submitted: September 15, 2017
Last Updated: November 7, 2019
Times Downloaded: 17
Last Downloaded: January 12, 2020

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