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Destroying a supercomputer is not as easy as it seems when it resides in the most isolated country in the world.

The CIA shanghais Gregori Runov, a Russian FSB agent, for a critical mission to the most isolated country in the world in order to stop the development of a supercomputer unlike any other. He finds that it is beyond anyone's worst fears and holds the key to stopping it, but the world may pay a terrible price.

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North Korea by Sung Ming Whang

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Destroying a supercomputer is not as easy as it seems when it resides in the most isolated country in the world.

“Take a genre or two, and add your own voice to it” is advice given by everyone and their dog in the writing industry. Because it’s true – great films fit into a genre, but there’s that little spice to them that elevates them above the rest.

And KillerBytes is one flaming hot thriller/spy script, featuring all those classic elements codified by Clancy or 24: Interrogation, infiltration, and international conspiracies.

But you’ve never met an agent as flavorsome as Nefen - who’s interrogating Russian “spy”, Runov. Well, interrogating, and performing some comedy on the side.

You see, Nefen’s got a secret mission for Runov: he’s going to blow up the most powerful supercomputer in the world. Its location? North Korea.

And time is short. Sure, biology was never Nefen’s thing in college, but even he knows the deadliness of that toxin “Boris Badenov” just got injected with.

Yet there’s secret mission-ception going on here – and Runov doesn’t know about the second layer. To him, it’s go in, blow up computer, get out.

He’ll only complete the first step. Oh, and the third step too – just not in the way he expected to.

The second step? That’s the secret mission inside the secret mission - but that’s not to say Runov’s got a part to play in that too…

Full of distinct imagery, light-hearted dialogue (for its genre), and multiple plot twists – including a black comic final scene, KillerBytes doesn’t reinvent the tech-thriller, but it certainly has its own bite to it. Directors – you’ll need great actors to bring out the best in these colorful characters, but if you can get them (and the budget), the result will be killer!

Review by Hamish Porter
Submitted: February 20, 2017
Last Updated: November 23, 2018

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The Writer: Ian J. Courter

I have been a technical writer for over fifteen years and published academic articles, but my true desire has been screenwriting. So far, I have written fifteen shorts and seven feature-length scripts. I draw inspiration from a wide range of sources to include: - Graduate degree in international relations and comparative government - Over twenty years of military experience, including overseas combat tours - Extensive time spent in foreign countries with immersion in foreign cultures and language - Wide range of reading interests (classic science fiction, politics, science, economics, and governmental systems) - The depth and breadth of people I have known from around the world. Go to bio

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