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My 1 and only

After the brutal rape leading to the suicide of a webcam model, an obsessed fan extracts justice on her rapist.



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The story begins with the beautiful Danyi live for her fans informing them of her birthday party. As she prepares to show her outfits, she becomes annoyed by a viewer named "Missme" putting the same message across the screen " Do you miss me?". In a quick burst of swear words, she quickly closes the laptop ending the video. That night at her party she's having a blast drinking and dancing by the DJ booth, enjoying watching everyone having a good time. Coming down from the booth, she goes in her purse pulling her phone out going live. Before she can get good into the video, "Missme" comes across the screen with a message. She becomes annoyed putting her phone back in her purse heading towards the bar. She has a brief conversation with the bartender, and then staggers off to the bathroom. Danyi is unaware a man is watching her make her way to the bathroom. He downs his drink, and then follows behind her. Minutes later, Danyi is bloody and unconscious on a stretcher after being brutally raped. People are standing around stunned as the medics place her in the ambulance pulling off.

Months after the incident, Danyi is sitting at her laptop crying watching the trail verdict on Youtube where a man named Rico who was accused of the rape got off. She turns her attention to a web-page where she's being put on blast saying she deserved what happened. Right after she replies on the site, she goes live telling people she hopes what happened to her happens to someone they love and see how they feel. Soon as she's finished, she blows her brains out live. Four months after the suicide, we see Rico sitting behind the desk of his law firm on the phone speaking on how his best friend Richard, who was also his lawyer committed suicide. After speaking on Richard, he makes plans with the person on the phone to arrive at the party later. Hanging the phone up, he turns his attention on his laptop with the trial video on pause. As he gets ready to press play his phone goes off. Picking the phone up, he sees a provocative message from his wife. With a smile from ear to ear, he places the phone down. Later that night, arriving at home ready to play out the message his wife sent him, he strips down to his boxers before making his way to the bedroom.

Entering the bedroom room he sees his beautiful wife Kelly spread across the bed seductive, getting up on her hands and knees crawling to the end of the bed. As they make-out, Rico gets hit upside the head from the blindside with a bat knocking him to the floor unconscious. Kelly takes a deep breath of relief thinking she’s safe, and that’s when the person who hit Rico upside the head shoots her in the head with a silenced nine-millimeter. The live video Danyi made in the beginning of the movie is playing while Rico is gagged and unconscious. When he finally awakes, him and Danyi’s father have a conversation on how Rico got away with the rape, but Rico swears he didn’t touch Danyi. Offended by what Rico said, Danyi’s father takes a mallet smashing the fingers on Rico’s hand. Danyi’s father then tells Rico he killed Danyi’s mother and Richard staging his suicide, because Danyi’s mother sent the video of Danyi getting raped, in hopes she could gain extra money.

Before Rico admits raping Danyi, Danyi’s father tells him why Danyi wasn’t in his custody, and how he sleeps at night on Danyi’s grave. Rico feels his life is at an end when Danyi’s father places the gun to his forehead, but...he tells Rico after he watches a video he’s free to go. Rico begins talking trash as Danyi’s father starts the video before walking off. The video starts with young Danyi playing on the playground talking with her father, before it cuts to an empty room where Rico’s daughter is getting degraded by a masked man. As he continues watching the movie with his heart sinking lower, he gets shot three times in the stomach from behind. Falling face forward on the table, his eyes are still glued on the laptop seeing his daughter staged the scene he’s watching. Before he can get another word out, Danyi’s father shoots him in the head. As the movie continues, we see Rico’s daughter and the man degrading her get killed by some men in all-black. The movie then cuts to Danyi’s father tucking young Danyi in bed telling her he loves her before the movie comes to an end.

Submitted: June 13, 2020
Last Updated: June 13, 2020

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The Writer: Bernard Mersier

I was born and raised in Detroit, Michigan. In my younger years, I wanted to become a doctor when I grew up. But after winning my first writing contest in elementary, I made up my mind on becoming a writer. I believe through writing, not only do you express what’s inside your heart and mind, you can reach others with your words, because words are powerful. Majority of my writings come from self-experience, the help of others inspiring me on certain topics, and what I see, read or hear about on a daily basis. Aside from writing being a talent I was born with, I mainly do it so my children can see no matter what you set out to be in life, as long as you're determined, you can accomplish... Go to bio

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