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Unbreakable bond

Childhood friends make a pact through thick and thin they’ll remain friends.



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True events

Call it fate bringing ANTOINE and LATRICE together as children, but in this story Antoine tells about friendship and love...fate played a remarkable part helping them understand what love really means. The story begins in Detroit, MI, the year is 1990. In the cold filthy alley lying on top of garbage is the bloody, beating, raped and naked body of REGINA. The chatter of people speaking foul upon her name can be heard, while the police yellow tape the scene. Five years earlier on a nice summer day, Young Latrice is playing in the sandbox alone on the playground, while her parents Regina and THOMAS are sitting on the bench smiling watching their daughter play. Coming across the field is Young Antoine and his parents TIONNA and JUSTIN. Young Antoine runs pass Young Latrice, quickly turning back around stepping in the box with her. The two quickly gain a connection playing. The parents speak with each other explaining how they’re amazed seeing the two playing together, considering they’re both loners. Later in day while Young Antoine sits waiting for his father, he sees Justin come out the store with his hand on a woman’s butt before getting in the truck. He tells his son not only does he sell drugs, but he’s a pimp on the side with no respect for women. On this same day in the supermarket parking lot, Young Latrice and Regina are waiting in the car while Thomas loads the trunk. He gets in taking a sip from his flask, questioning Regina about her affairs. She brushes him off, and then he brings up the condoms he found. She places blame on him, since he sleeps with other women. He grabs her by the throat scolding her, telling her how he knows about her prostitution. Releasing her throat, he turns looking at Young Latrice telling her the same thing will happen to her when she gets older if she’s anything like her mother.

Moving ahead five years, Antoine and Latrice are talking in front her house. Antoine gets ready to leave, when a car pulls up. DONALD one of Latrice mother’s clients gets out. Donald says something disrespectful towards Latrice causing Antoine to fight him, but he doesn’t pull off the win. Just as Donald gets ready to hit Antoine with a chair, Regina runs out stopping him. Regina focuses on Latrice cussing her out, before her and Donald go in the house. Latrice tries confronting Antoine, but he tells her he’s fine. Before leaving he says “Don’t ever be like your mother.” He gets on his bike riding off, while Latrice watches smiling. When he gets home, Tionna is outraged finding out her son was beat up by a grown man for defending his friend. Justin comes home. Tionna tells him the story. Justin says he’ll speak with Regina this weekend, and Tionna is baffled why he would see her this weekend. Justin tells her not only is he her pimp, but he’s been having sex with her. An instant fight breaks out. At first, Tionna is getting the best of him until he overpowers her. Antoine tries helping, and Justin backhands him into the refrigerator. No longer able to watch the beating of his mother, Antoine rushes to his mother’s room grabbing her gun, coming back into the kitchen aiming at Justin. Justin looks at him laughing, saying “Bitches shouldn’t play with guns.” which are his last words before Antoine shoots him dead. Tionna inches her way towards him saying comforting words, slowly taking the gun from him. She tells him to go to his auntie house, but don’t speak on what happened. Antoine doesn’t want to leave, but she tells him “I refuse to have my only child spend his life behind bars.” With tears in both of their eyes, Antoine gives his mother one last kiss before leaving the house. As he gets on his bike riding off, the neighbors come out to see what happened from hearing the gunshots. He hears one more gunshot, but he keeps pedaling, while the neighbors rush to the house. This was also the night Regina was raped and killed.

Submitted: April 9, 2018
Last Updated: April 9, 2018

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The Writer: Bernard Mersier

I was born and raised in Detroit, Michigan. In my younger years, I wanted to become a doctor when I grew up. But after winning my first writing contest in elementary, I made up my mind on becoming a writer. I believe through writing, not only do you express what’s inside your heart and mind, you can reach others with your words, because words are powerful. Majority of my writings come from self-experience, the help of others inspiring me on certain topics, and what I see, read or hear about on a daily basis. Aside from writing being a talent I was born with, I mainly do it so my children can see no matter what you set out to be in life, as long as you're determined, you can accomplish... Go to bio

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